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I did not realize that I have used “The Secret” or Law of Attraction in my life. It was happened a long-long time ago... when I was in the First grade of junior high school. I admired Kak Nisa, the student council leader. First time I saw her, I said to myself that one day I will be like her. In other words, one day I will be student Council leader.
Unfortunately, I failed become representative of student Council . I felt miserable at that time. I mean how could I become a student Council leader if I failed become representative of student Council. But my mom said to me that maybe it was the best for me. So, soon after that I forgot my dream and my activity really help me to do that because I’ve been busy with my homework, angklung and mading.
Actually I didn’t totally forget it because in many times I imagined that I were a student Council leader. I dreamed about the meeting, I dreamed that everyone in school knows me and greets me every time they see me. It’s really fun when I dreamed about it. But I knew it is impossible so I try so hard to forget about it.

I threw away my dream until…
one day something amazing happened. Kak Inez, OSIS secretary came to me and said that I must follow her. She brought me into a room where representatives of student Council usually do their meeting. And I found that I was not the only one that was called to be there. There are Tata, Kartika, Maytie, Milla, Ririn, and Sheily.
Then Kak Benanda, the student Council leader when I was in the second grade of junior high school, announced that the seven of us (Tata, Kartika, Maytie, Milla, Ririn, Sheily and me) were candidate for student Council leader. I shocked at that time. I can’t believe what I’ve heard. How come?? Is it a dream?? I asked to myself. If yes, I won’t wake up. I slapped my cheek and it was hurt. It is meant it is NOT a DREAM. I really want to scream out of loud “HURRAYYY!!!!!” and said thank a Billion to Allah. Allah, how I thank you for this?????

And after that somehow everything seemed easier. I could through the student Council leader test and I succeeded. I WON the election and it made me become a student Council leader. I made a history. I’m the first one who became a student Council leader although I am not the representative of student Council. And not only I became the Pioneer but also I made changes such as I held student fair and I made a policy that every student can vote for the student Council leader (Note : Before I became the student Council leader, only the representatives of the student Council can vote for the student Council leader Election.)

From the experience, I learned something that there are no such as things impossible. If you really want it, belive it, and try so hard to reach it, you can make something impossible possible. So, Let’s do it!!! Maybe one day you will become like me, HISTORY MAKER.

(28 september 2008)

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