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Hard to say Good bye

Beside Mba Asri, one of my co worker has left Research SWA and did not say good bye.
I and my co workers wonder why she did not say good bye.
Did we do something wrong to her?
Then at the last day Mba Asri at SWA, my co workers Rizki said to her that he hated separation and say goodbye

Suddenly, It occurs to me that maybe my co worker who left without said good bye actually felt that it is hard to say good bye so she did not do it.

I also remember story about Umar and Ali. Ali once complained Umar's behavior to Rasulullah PBUH. He wonder why Umar never said "Assalamu'alalikum" to him whenever they met. Ali, think that Umar hated him.
Then Rasulullah PBUH called Umar and asked his explanation about Ali's complain. Umar said that He heard that the one who said Assalamu'alaikum first to his brother is the one who have more reward (good deed), so Umar did not said Assalamu'alaikum first because He wants Ali to have opportunity to become the first one who said Assalamu'alaikum.

This is wonderful story how beautiful the brotherhood of prophet's companions. We learn that sometimes things not the way they seems, things that look bad from our perspectives do not mean they bad. We have to find out more and have positive thinking.

And maybe my co workers just felt hard to say good bye. I better try to find out. Wish me luck! :D

There is always something to look forward to. In pain, look forward to healing. In hardship, look forward to ease. And in separation, look forward to reunion. Allah has promised the believers all these things.
Yasmin Mogahed

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Fast vs Far

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love”

Alhamdulillah on the 7th December, I met members of Millenium Super Cool.
I miss them so much. It has been long time that we did not gather as full team.
We had lunch at Takarajima then we took photo studio session at Mari Pro.
We took photo in graduation mode (we wear our toga) since MSC’s members did not graduate together
I, Vania and Ikhsan graduated in 8 February 2014 while Nia, Hana Talita and Kathy graduated in 29 August 2014.

Vania, Hana Talita, Nia, Me, Kathy, Ikhsan
MSC S.Psi in Toga

If I look members of MSC, I can’t help wonder why we are together and can be close like right now. We have lots of differences and I never thought I can be close with people who have lots differences with me. Here a glimpse:
Me. Karawang.  Sundanese/Chinese. ISTJ. Blood type B. Islam. Social and Clinical Psy
Nia. Bandung. Batak. ENFP. Blood type B. Protestan. Education and Development Psy
Hana Talita. Jakarta. Chinese. ENFJ. Blood type  A. Protestant. Education and Clinical Psy
Vania. Serpong. Chinese. ENTJ. Blood type A. Protestant. Organizational & Industrial and Clinical Psy
Kathy. Bekasi. Javanese. ISFP. Blood type  O. Catholics. Social and Clinical Psy .
Ikhsan. Bontang. Javanese. ISFP. Blood type  O. Islam. Organizational & Industrial and Clinical Psy Hahahahaha

I am really grateful to have them. They taught me that a good friend is not a perfect one, but friend who focuses on good things (strenght ) and overlook the weakness. And it is about compability not perfection. I am sure there are who is better and worse than them, but they may be not compatible with me.
And if they do exist, I wonder will they patient enough with my weakness and my bad side ?
There are times that I think MSC are annoying and there are times when I am the one who are annoying. When those times come, I remember all the good things and how MSC patient deal with me so I felt touch and thought their annoying side is small matters that I should not think about.
The big role that MSC have in my life are they gave me lesson that I can trust (learn to trust) people. Honestly, I am the one who hard to trust people especially when it comes to group assignment. I prefer to work and finish the assignment alone.

MSC thought me that I can learn to trust people and group assignment is designed to be finished by group not alone.
I learn working in group is giving opportunity to be better person and better result. If the result is neither satisfying nor fitting my expectation, I should tell them how to do better or teach them how to improve their work, not taking over the assignment and fixing them by myself.  Working as a group is about reach the goal together even every member has their own way and teaches each other strength.

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, go together.

I think the quote is true. If I working group assignment by myself maybe I will finish faster but the result will not be as good (far) as if I work together with my friends.
Another good thing about MSC is that we realize that we have a lot of differences, so we tolerant toward each other. If there is misunderstanding or fight, we recall that we have different background, personality, and interest so misunderstanding and differences in opinion is something that we can’t avoid.  Whether we want it or not, our mindset realized that we have to learn to understand each other.

Sometimes when I started making friends with the one who has lots in common, somehow I expect she/he understand me more and I also hope there are more lot things in common that we have. Without realizing, I set my mind with the expectation wanting to be understood so it can lead to fighting or argument. In some cases, I became more disappointed and not tolerant with the differences.
If you are my loyal readers, you guys must have known that I believe that similarity stick people together (can read in here) but through MSC, I realized that similarity and dissimilarity have their own positive and negative side. Alhamdulillah :D

"Partner with people that are smarter than you, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and surround yourself with people that complement your strengths, but could support your weaknesses"
Jessica Alba

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Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia


When I entered into the Balairung University of Indonesia hall as a graduate, I felt embarrassed.

Although managed to pass the 3.5 years, I regret my undergraduate thesis did not get an A and my last semester GPA is not cumlaude. (My total GPA is cumlaude)

In my final semester, I get sudden realization that  I had the lack of achievement and contribution to UI. What have I done for these past year?

I remembered the reason why I wanted to join UI, It is when I was 6 years old. The riots in May 1998 caused a lot of activity stopped. Although I was small, I remembered the atmosphere were tense, scary because I live in the
Mbah's house  (grandpa) that is located right next provincial road where frequent intercity buses went back and forth. The front porch of the Mbah's house often became a place for people who wait for intercity bus.  

At that time.the road were so quiet, people are afraid to leave the house and a lot stalls were closed. I remembered my mom asked me to cut corners since it was dangerous to go to market. The worst news for me was preschool also closed. I really like the school, the May riots seize my greatest happiness: the school.

"Je, wear your jackets. If the situation deteriorates, we will go through the back door. Umi has prepared important documents such as birth certificates and some clothes. "

"We will go, Mi? Leave the house? "

"Yes, if the situation is getting serious (dangerous). "


"Umi not sure yet, but if Umi says we go, we go."

Immediately I felt anxious and sad

I did not want to leave the house. I pray that this unrest over so I can go back to school and do not need to leave the house.

Thank God my prayers were answered.

When I heard the news, I know that the UI students successfully entered the House of Representative Building.

At that time, I consider UI students as heroes, and I promised myself that time, I'll go in the UI and want to be like them.

Time pass and I forgot promise that I made when I was 6 years old

 Now, I wonder what have I done in UI? for UI? Have I Managed to be a hero?

I shook my head.

It felt so ashamed at myself.

How could I forget and do not utilize my time well.

"Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia. Truth, Honesty, Justice. You'll often hear in college. You as a UI alumni, should remember and apply them wherever you are. "*

I was stunned to hear what prof. Anis, Rector of UI said during a speech.

He does not discuss the GPA as a measure of success or characteristic UI alumni.

he did not mention winning trophy as proof to be hero or UI alumni.

I felt I was given a second chance.

I still can improve myself and do not embarrass University of Indonesia.

Yes there is a chance, if I can remember and
always apply Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia


Thank God and Thanks to Prof. Anis!

I hope I can apply  Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia


Btw, congratulations on the election and
inauguration of  Prof. Anis as Rector of UI.  
Good Luck Sir!

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If No, Allahu Akbar

"If the proposal is accepted, Alhamdulillah. Otherwise, Allahu Akbar." said Bilal

I puzzled when read Bilal's sentence in a book about marriage preparation.
if his proposal is not accepted, why the companion of the Prophet PBUH chose to say Allahu Akbar? Why not Alhamdulillah ala kuli hal or other dhikr? Because from what I remembered, Allahu Akbar is used during prayer, war, substitute applause and celebrate the victory.

I did not understand but then the question was forgotten, until a while I reads the status of a friend "Prayer reminds us of who is our Creator"

And immediately Hana remember and realize that in prayer, lafadz Allahu Akbar is one of the most frequently spoken (It is used in the beggining of prayer and almost every prayer movement preceded by lafadz Allahu akbar). It lead me to my memory of quotes: Never say Oh God I have problems, Always say, Oh problems I have God and God is bigger than you or Dear Problem, Allah is bigger than you.

When experiencing a problem often feels the problem is enormous, sometimes make us feel most disadvantaged / unhappy and wondered if we could deal with it. Then when saying Allahu Akbar (God is greater or God is the Greatest), we suddenly realized that it is God's greatest. Our problem was not as big as God and nothing is greater than God

Aah .. Now I understand why Bilal, a companion of the Prophet PBUH chose to say Allahu Akbar.

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