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Hard to say Good bye

Beside Mba Asri, one of my co worker has left Research SWA and did not say good bye.
I and my co workers wonder why she did not say good bye.
Did we do something wrong to her?
Then at the last day Mba Asri at SWA, my co workers Rizki said to her that he hated separation and say goodbye

Suddenly, It occurs to me that maybe my co worker who left without said good bye actually felt that it is hard to say good bye so she did not do it.

I also remember story about Umar and Ali. Ali once complained Umar's behavior to Rasulullah PBUH. He wonder why Umar never said "Assalamu'alalikum" to him whenever they met. Ali, think that Umar hated him.
Then Rasulullah PBUH called Umar and asked his explanation about Ali's complain. Umar said that He heard that the one who said Assalamu'alaikum first to his brother is the one who have more reward (good deed), so Umar did not said Assalamu'alaikum first because He wants Ali to have opportunity to become the first one who said Assalamu'alaikum.

This is wonderful story how beautiful the brotherhood of prophet's companions. We learn that sometimes things not the way they seems, things that look bad from our perspectives do not mean they bad. We have to find out more and have positive thinking.

And maybe my co workers just felt hard to say good bye. I better try to find out. Wish me luck! :D

There is always something to look forward to. In pain, look forward to healing. In hardship, look forward to ease. And in separation, look forward to reunion. Allah has promised the believers all these things.
Yasmin Mogahed

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Fast vs Far

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love”

Alhamdulillah on the 7th December, I met members of Millenium Super Cool.
I miss them so much. It has been long time that we did not gather as full team.
We had lunch at Takarajima then we took photo studio session at Mari Pro.
We took photo in graduation mode (we wear our toga) since MSC’s members did not graduate together
I, Vania and Ikhsan graduated in 8 February 2014 while Nia, Hana Talita and Kathy graduated in 29 August 2014.

Vania, Hana Talita, Nia, Me, Kathy, Ikhsan
MSC S.Psi in Toga

If I look members of MSC, I can’t help wonder why we are together and can be close like right now. We have lots of differences and I never thought I can be close with people who have lots differences with me. Here a glimpse:
Me. Karawang.  Sundanese/Chinese. ISTJ. Blood type B. Islam. Social and Clinical Psy
Nia. Bandung. Batak. ENFP. Blood type B. Protestan. Education and Development Psy
Hana Talita. Jakarta. Chinese. ENFJ. Blood type  A. Protestant. Education and Clinical Psy
Vania. Serpong. Chinese. ENTJ. Blood type A. Protestant. Organizational & Industrial and Clinical Psy
Kathy. Bekasi. Javanese. ISFP. Blood type  O. Catholics. Social and Clinical Psy .
Ikhsan. Bontang. Javanese. ISFP. Blood type  O. Islam. Organizational & Industrial and Clinical Psy Hahahahaha

I am really grateful to have them. They taught me that a good friend is not a perfect one, but friend who focuses on good things (strenght ) and overlook the weakness. And it is about compability not perfection. I am sure there are who is better and worse than them, but they may be not compatible with me.
And if they do exist, I wonder will they patient enough with my weakness and my bad side ?
There are times that I think MSC are annoying and there are times when I am the one who are annoying. When those times come, I remember all the good things and how MSC patient deal with me so I felt touch and thought their annoying side is small matters that I should not think about.
The big role that MSC have in my life are they gave me lesson that I can trust (learn to trust) people. Honestly, I am the one who hard to trust people especially when it comes to group assignment. I prefer to work and finish the assignment alone.

MSC thought me that I can learn to trust people and group assignment is designed to be finished by group not alone.
I learn working in group is giving opportunity to be better person and better result. If the result is neither satisfying nor fitting my expectation, I should tell them how to do better or teach them how to improve their work, not taking over the assignment and fixing them by myself.  Working as a group is about reach the goal together even every member has their own way and teaches each other strength.

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, go together.

I think the quote is true. If I working group assignment by myself maybe I will finish faster but the result will not be as good (far) as if I work together with my friends.
Another good thing about MSC is that we realize that we have a lot of differences, so we tolerant toward each other. If there is misunderstanding or fight, we recall that we have different background, personality, and interest so misunderstanding and differences in opinion is something that we can’t avoid.  Whether we want it or not, our mindset realized that we have to learn to understand each other.

Sometimes when I started making friends with the one who has lots in common, somehow I expect she/he understand me more and I also hope there are more lot things in common that we have. Without realizing, I set my mind with the expectation wanting to be understood so it can lead to fighting or argument. In some cases, I became more disappointed and not tolerant with the differences.
If you are my loyal readers, you guys must have known that I believe that similarity stick people together (can read in here) but through MSC, I realized that similarity and dissimilarity have their own positive and negative side. Alhamdulillah :D

"Partner with people that are smarter than you, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and surround yourself with people that complement your strengths, but could support your weaknesses"
Jessica Alba

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Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia


When I entered into the Balairung University of Indonesia hall as a graduate, I felt embarrassed.

Although managed to pass the 3.5 years, I regret my undergraduate thesis did not get an A and my last semester GPA is not cumlaude. (My total GPA is cumlaude)

In my final semester, I get sudden realization that  I had the lack of achievement and contribution to UI. What have I done for these past year?

I remembered the reason why I wanted to join UI, It is when I was 6 years old. The riots in May 1998 caused a lot of activity stopped. Although I was small, I remembered the atmosphere were tense, scary because I live in the
Mbah's house  (grandpa) that is located right next provincial road where frequent intercity buses went back and forth. The front porch of the Mbah's house often became a place for people who wait for intercity bus.  

At that time.the road were so quiet, people are afraid to leave the house and a lot stalls were closed. I remembered my mom asked me to cut corners since it was dangerous to go to market. The worst news for me was preschool also closed. I really like the school, the May riots seize my greatest happiness: the school.

"Je, wear your jackets. If the situation deteriorates, we will go through the back door. Umi has prepared important documents such as birth certificates and some clothes. "

"We will go, Mi? Leave the house? "

"Yes, if the situation is getting serious (dangerous). "


"Umi not sure yet, but if Umi says we go, we go."

Immediately I felt anxious and sad

I did not want to leave the house. I pray that this unrest over so I can go back to school and do not need to leave the house.

Thank God my prayers were answered.

When I heard the news, I know that the UI students successfully entered the House of Representative Building.

At that time, I consider UI students as heroes, and I promised myself that time, I'll go in the UI and want to be like them.

Time pass and I forgot promise that I made when I was 6 years old

 Now, I wonder what have I done in UI? for UI? Have I Managed to be a hero?

I shook my head.

It felt so ashamed at myself.

How could I forget and do not utilize my time well.

"Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia. Truth, Honesty, Justice. You'll often hear in college. You as a UI alumni, should remember and apply them wherever you are. "*

I was stunned to hear what prof. Anis, Rector of UI said during a speech.

He does not discuss the GPA as a measure of success or characteristic UI alumni.

he did not mention winning trophy as proof to be hero or UI alumni.

I felt I was given a second chance.

I still can improve myself and do not embarrass University of Indonesia.

Yes there is a chance, if I can remember and
always apply Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia


Thank God and Thanks to Prof. Anis!

I hope I can apply  Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia


Btw, congratulations on the election and
inauguration of  Prof. Anis as Rector of UI.  
Good Luck Sir!

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If No, Allahu Akbar

"If the proposal is accepted, Alhamdulillah. Otherwise, Allahu Akbar." said Bilal

I puzzled when read Bilal's sentence in a book about marriage preparation.
if his proposal is not accepted, why the companion of the Prophet PBUH chose to say Allahu Akbar? Why not Alhamdulillah ala kuli hal or other dhikr? Because from what I remembered, Allahu Akbar is used during prayer, war, substitute applause and celebrate the victory.

I did not understand but then the question was forgotten, until a while I reads the status of a friend "Prayer reminds us of who is our Creator"

And immediately Hana remember and realize that in prayer, lafadz Allahu Akbar is one of the most frequently spoken (It is used in the beggining of prayer and almost every prayer movement preceded by lafadz Allahu akbar). It lead me to my memory of quotes: Never say Oh God I have problems, Always say, Oh problems I have God and God is bigger than you or Dear Problem, Allah is bigger than you.

When experiencing a problem often feels the problem is enormous, sometimes make us feel most disadvantaged / unhappy and wondered if we could deal with it. Then when saying Allahu Akbar (God is greater or God is the Greatest), we suddenly realized that it is God's greatest. Our problem was not as big as God and nothing is greater than God

Aah .. Now I understand why Bilal, a companion of the Prophet PBUH chose to say Allahu Akbar.

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Have your cry, but Keep going


I never thought that I can feel and think like Kakeru in Orange Manga
He thought He should not be happy since his mother die
I had similar feeling and thinking when I knew my favorite lecturer, Mba Evie is gone
I regret the last time I met her, I often avoided her
I am afraid that she disappointed in me since my performance went down in my last semesters
I regret I never tell her that she is my favorite lecturer
I suddenly felt I should not be happy
I thought she will be angry at me if I am happy
I just wanna cry and keep cry

Then I felt dizzy and tired
It drain me

I asked my self, If I die what would I like my significant others feel?
I suddenly realized
I want them to be sad but only for a while/ short time
I did not want them to spend day or life in misery
I want them to be happy
to continue living
to do something that meaningful for them

Yeah, I gotta move on

Look Back with Love

When I joined SWA, my co workers often told me story about Mba Aini, the one whose position I replace.
Sometimes they compared me with her
At first I get annoyed because I thought they think I am not good enough.
But I also realized that for me, they are my first co worker but to them I am not their first.

Now I am no longer annoyed.
I began to understand

One of my co workers, Mba Asri had resign and will change job soon.
I close enough to her. We often had lunch together and have girls talk, She's type who easy to talk to

I read that fortune is not only about money, but friend is also fortune.
I am grateful that Allah gave me good friend, like Mba Asri.
Soon after realized that fact, I said thanks to Mba Asri for being good friend and I am really grateful to meet her.

I think if Mba Asri has already moved, I will keep talking about her because I miss her and do not want to forget her

Now I kinda understand my co worker's feeling back.
They keep talking about Mba Aini not because I was not good enough but because they love Mba Aini and want to remember her.
So when the new one come maybe they cant help to compare

For two beings who are not friends are near each other, there is no meeting,
 and when friend far apart there is no separation
-Simone Weil

Read Indonesia version, here

See You Again, Mba Evie

Assalamu’alaikum Mba Evi (Nurlyta Hafiyah),

You probably will never read this letter since you've already gone. 
(But maybe Allah will tell you about this letter)
I want to tell you that you are my favorite lecturer and it is always be.
The are a lot important lessons I got from you.

First time We met in logic and scientific writing courses.  
I do not know you remembered or not since you gave lecture to a lot student.
For some reason I did not understand, I had a feeling that we have a lot in common.

Your style of lecture made me fall in love with the course. You expect the best from the student by giving the challenging homework and told us your expectation.  You introduce me and my friends  to psychology journal, APA Style and logical fallacies. Thank you so much cause those knowledge help a lot in my academic life.

The best part of you is you did not afraid to give high mark to student who deserved it. You change my perspective. I thought writing is very subjective so I predicted the remark will be so so or I cant get high remark.
That day, you made me believe that I am good writer and I can be the one if I want to.

During short semester program (Semester Pendek), you made me fall in love with Social Psychology and I am still in love with Social Psychology. 

Do you know, Mba Evie? You are the one who add my Facebook and LinkedIn account first. Usually the student is the one who ask friend request to lecturer first, not the other way around. I was surprised. Unfortunately I will not got that surprising act from you again.

I am lucky enough to got you as my supervisor for Research in Social Psychology Course. I enjoyed our discussion. You gave me constructive feedback so I can finish the proposal.
Thank you for always believe in me.  

I remembered the day when I gave you Semprong.  I thought you will be happy, but you did not. You were very happy. You gave me bright smile. At that time, I felt I am the one who receive a gift. Thank you Mba Evie.

I cried when I heard the news that you've already gone. Mba Evie, I prayed that Allah forgive all your sins, accept your good deeds and make you enter the paradise (jannah).

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun.
Truly, to Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.
Death is not the end.
It is only temporary separation.
It is not good bye-letter, It is see you again letter.
You just returned to Allah and in the future, I will join you too.
We will met again in the after life, right?
A that time, I hope we both meet in Jannah or paradise.

More Confident


My co worker, Rizki said thanks to me. He said he became more confident after I joined SWA.
At that time, I thought he become more confident because he is no longer the youngest and he is smarter than me. 
I felt I was the stupidest since I knew little about business and SWA Magazine so I often ask my senior about a lot of things and sometime they seem get annoyed by my question so I feel stupider.
I often ask a lot of questions to Rizki since he seem welcomed or did not seem annoyed if I ask question and our age difference is only a year apart. I feel like I ask a friend, not senior.

I tried to feel not stupid by remembering Albert Einsten quotes that "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" 
It is alright for me to not know all things.
It is okay for me to feel stupid.
I said to myself  it will be not okay when I did not want to learn or study anymore
realized that I knew nothing and little made me curious and want to learn
then I can grow into better person.

After two months in SWA, Rizki admitted that he felt more confident than me because he finally found someone who is smaller and skinnier than he.
I was speechless. -_-
I did not get it
then I realized it is about what things that matter to someone.
For me, being smart is important because it made me confident
So when someone said he/she is more confident, I automatically think that he/she has same source of confidence and think what made people more confident than me if he/she is smarter than me 
But I am forget that people have different source of confident or things that matter to them.
For Rizki, It seems body image is important thing or source of his confident so when he found someone who is skinnier/thinner, He felt more confident.

Then I asked him "So you did not think I am stupid?"
Rizki said "No"
then I smiled 

I also realized something else:
belajar itu selalu koma, tidak pernah mengenal titik

Practice what you preach (keep trying)

After I posted Perfection Trap, I became aware of something .. 
I put off doing something because I'm afraid, I wait until I think things get better or perfect then I realized nothing change if I do nothing so I had to do something to change it
I decided to focus and solve these problems and stop to blogging so I can use the spare time that I usually use for writing to solve these problem.
I made my mind and start working on these problem
then after a while I remember that I forgot to tell you guys, my readers about this plan.
I should tell you guys right after I made up my mind but I forgot.
I knew I promised to posts update every week and therefore I apologize that no updates for these past time , especially for my loyal readers who look forward to my weekly posts. 
I understand if you consider my behavior is not consistent with my speech. 
I'm really sorry.
In this post, I want to tell that I will keep posting every week but only until the end of 2014 (Insya allah). I hope you can understand and still want to read my blog :D

Thank you for your attention! Wish me luck! 

Fake Cofidence

I just got back from Executive Event: The Future-Ready Organization, Reinventing Work in ASEAN held by Accenture and SWA at Kempinski Hotel
My Manager and Mas Joko asked me suddenly in the morning so I came with unpreprared outfit
I just wear  casual cardigan plus long skirt and when I saw the other guest, I felt down because they wear better dress. I lost my confidence and I want to wear better outfit. After sometime I realized something that I decide the level of confidence based on my outfit. It is not good. How could I become stupid?
Outfit did not matter.
I remember the successful people who wear simple and casual outfit and they are still cool because their personality and their skill outshine their outfit.
I felt shame to forget about that.
I said to my self that maybe in the future there will a lot unexpected event happened when I wear my casual outfit and as long as I delivered best performance, what I wear will not matter.
If I depend my level confidence based my outfit, It mean it is fake confidence.
It is not come from within or my inner self.
These event made me realized that I should be more believe in my self  and be more confidence.
Maybe today event is one of exercise or practice for me.
Allah knows best!
Good Luck for me

Perfection trap

After watch  Im Trying But I Keep Messing Up - Yasmin Mogahed
I just realized something:  one of devil's trick is to make us think to wait to be perfect to start something good
I just recalled  when I was in middle school I did not want to put hijab because I feel I am not good or perfect enough as Muslimah
So I want to wait until I became perfect
But the problem is that I will never be perfect because I am human
Human make mistake
The perfection only belongs to Allah
Man's duties are trying to be good (to worship God) and repent every time do wrong
So if I want to do good, I just have to do it NOW!
or as soon as possible
Don't wait to do good before it is too late
We will never know if we still have a chance do it since the death can come anytime

O Allah
Please help me and my readers to always do good deeds as soon as possible
Don't let the devil trick us or fool us
Protect us from the devil
Guide us to the right path
Don't let us go astray after You guide us
La haula walla kuwata illa billah

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Dream Dress

Alhamdulilah \(^o^)/ 
The fortune that has been written belong to me will come to me, no matter the circumstance  
There is a dress that I want when I went shopping to Matahari Depok Town Square back in the February.

I want to wear the dress for faculty graduation
But when I check my wallet, I did not have that much money so I let it go with heavy heart
Then at 6th Sep, I went shopping to Matahari Supermall Karawang and I found the dress that I wanted back in February
And It is discounted 50%+20%!
I asked my mom to buy it for me :D
Thankfully she agreed! 
Alhamdulillah :D
I am really lucky 

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What is my number

During the process of looking for job after graduation, I face some let down phase
At that time, I had two or three times rejected.
I thought after graduation, I will find a job easily.
then I consulted to my senior, kak Reno. He told me that he applied 100 jobs vacancies and through 20 interviews to get the job he got right now (System Engineer at Dimension Data)
After hear that, I got my spirit up and I was like "Well I have not reach 100th yet, so I should not be sad and give up easily"
I also remember one of my friend who said during university admission "I envy you, Hana. You got accepted at University of Indonesia while I still have to struggle to get University admission"
Ah.. Maybe it is my turn now to feel like she feel
The other thing that made me optimist is Aa Gym's Lecture: UI Bertauhid

After trial and trial

Image courtesy of ponsulak at

It took me long to realized that I made a lot mistakes during the process
Maybe you guys should read this: Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You and  How to make right CV (the article in bahasa Indonesia) 
I made almost all mistake mentioned at that article (presentation), not at one time but during my process of getting a job

Two other big mistakes that I realized are
a. I am not look for the job that I passionate about
b. I have been not grateful after graduation (Astagfirullah. Forgive me, Allah)

After my friend Ika got the job she dreamed about, I just realized something profound: I want to be a researcher and writer or any job that allow me to learn continuously and quite challenging

So I started to look researcher job and applied
And Thanks God, It went well
Now I worked at SWA Magazine as Research Executive

Can you guess how many times I applied?
Well, It is almost 200 jobs vacancies
I am glad I did not give up
La haula walla kuwata illa billah

One my insight during the job searching is that Allah want me to be grateful because too often I take something for granted when I get thing easily
Maybe it is true when somebody said that life start after you graduate
Whatever it is, I believe Allah always give the best to His servant

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Teh Tawar and Teh Manis

Whenever I and my best friend, Fida,  have dinner
Did you know what we always order for the drink?
Yup it is the same as the tittle :D
I always order teh tawar and Fida always order teh manis.
It actually quite represent the culture where we come from or how we raised .
I am Sundanese (and it is common to have teh tawar as drink)
While Fida is Javanese (she comes from Yogyakarta) and it is common for her to have teh manis as drink
Despite we often went to have dinner together, we often forget each other's choice for drink
I often ask her what she want for drink even she often order teh manis
and vice versa
then we repeat our conversation about how we puzzled about each other choice of drink
I am grateful to have her as my best friend
and despite we have differences, we choose to stay together
And I think that is important

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At my second day at work I find my self surprised and moved (#´ー´)旦 when I saw a glass of water on my desk.
 It made me think "Whoaa! I am really part of SWA now! I am an employee" (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
 I mean I often found a glass of water on the lecturer's desk
and at that time, I did not imagine I will get something similar someday (At Indian Embassy, I have to bring my own tumbler but I can refill it).
 Another surprise is that the operator system that my computer use is Linux (I have tried use Linux at middle school and I remembered it hard to operate).
I hope I can adapt.
(Using Linux is not that hard as I remember back then in the middle school)
My Assistant Manager, Mas Aswin has come back from Eid Leave. he told me the job description. he seems nice and fun but he looks puzzled when I did not asked any question after his explanation finished. But I really did not know what to ask, maybe because I already asked several question to Mas Rizki and Mas Armi yesterday so I kinda get the picture of Mas Aswin's description.
I also get human resources tour for second time because some people just got back from Eid leave.

And before I knew it,  It’s been a month I worked at SWA
Alhamdulillah :D
I like working here
Things I like in SWA:
-I have nice coworkers
-I can read several magazine and newspaper like HBR, Gatra, Tempo, Times, Fast company, dewi, Kompas, Republika, Wallstreet Journal, Asia Forbes,etc
-I can pray duha and read quran during work hours
-I can wear casual clothes at work
-Working at SWA made realize that I knew little/nothing. At first I felt stupid because there are many things I do not know. Then I remembered
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"  - Albert Einstein

If I already knew the answer, what is the point of doing research? : D  

Other positive sides of the fact that I did not know a lot of things are that I learned so many things every day and I learned to stay foolish stay hunger, I must have the courage to ask my co-workers or find out for yourself.
 -It allow me to meet a lot new people (SWA Research and Documentation Departemenrt often held competition, such best CEO, HR Excellence, etc )

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Hi Guys
Sorry I did not update last week
Actually I almost did not update today
Then I began realized:
once I forgave my self because I did not update
I am lazy to write
And even look for inspiration to write
It started to become habit
It is not good
I have to discipline my self
I have to write

Even a little

My Way of Shopping

On Sunday, 17th August, I went to hypermart. I actually planned to buy one thing: cereal, but I end up buy seven thing : various snacks plus cereal.
When I go into cashier, I remembered my friend Ria said that she puzzled with my way to decide whether buy something or not and she also considered it is funny
She laugh at me when I pick one thing and said "Hey, it's been a long time since the last time I have eaten this, I think I am gonna buy it" or "Hey, It is new. I never try this, I will buy and found out how it taste."
She comment that "Han, if that's the way you buy something, I am afraid that you will end up buy everything in store. Hahahhha"

My Funny Step Father

I used to think that finding my parent were divorced and had step parent was an unfortunate event
I just found out that it is actually a blessing
I just have to shift my way of thinking
Somebody just asked me if I have to choose between lose my parent because they died or they divorced (got separated) , what will I choose?
I don't want both of course
But I knew that if any of those things happened, I should do not mind any of them because I believe that Allah always gives best for His servant :)

The one who asked me, explained that if my parent divorced, I still can see both of them while if they are dead, I can't see them anymore

So divorce is not that bad
I just realized recently that having step family made me loved by more people.
Now I have two fathers that love me :D
I also got more people to be loved by me
Is not it great?
Alhamdulillah :D

Btw, I just found out that my step father is so funny. During ramadhan, He kept forgetting kolang kaling (glibbertjes) and every time he asked for kolang-kaling, he said kongkalikong (partner in crime) instead.
He is also often confused if my mom and my family from my mother's side talk in sundanese
He asked "Who is wae? Why he is often called?"
wae in sundanese  (may be it is similar to adverb in English) has a lot meaning and it differ depends the context, so it kinda hard to explain to him.
Wae can mean only, too, etc.
But since he thought wae was a person, We laughed at him.
Last Eid, my family walked to mosque near our house, my father complained that the sermon is in English and I got puzzled to hear that because I didn't remember the time when the sermon is in English. When I arrived at mosque, I realized that English is not really mean English for my father. It is a metaphor. What my father mean was Sundanese (a language that he did not understand) because the Ustad spoke in Sundanese


Now, everytime I saw people when commute from lodge to workplace, I often amazed that there are so many people and I wonder what their background? What story that they have in life? It made me curious and realize that it is beyond my capacity to know those things.
Allahu Akbar! Praise for Allah!
How great is the power of God and how little of me

My First Day at Work and Three Investigators


Alhamdulillah :D

I started  working in SWA Magazine as Research Executive on 4th August

On my first day, I was very nervous and anxious.
I did not have a good night sleep, I woke up several times
Plus I got flu and it made feel uncomfortable
When I try to take picture of me on first day of work, I shocked that I found my self frowned
(Oh no! I delete it instantly)
I don't want to be remembered as rude at first day at work (since I believe first impression matter)
It also made me realize I am still have to learn to control my emotion
Some people asked me my last employment and It made me wander "Did I not look like fresh grad? Did I look old?" Hope not.

Fortunately, the HR, Mba Rifka is really nice, she often initiates talk, and smile  :) She was the one who accompany me during human resources tours, I met a lot people, but also forgot most of them when I got home ( I regret did not write them in notes as soon the tours end)

I also told by Mba Rifka that the research department and library are in the same place. I think it is great. I will be surrounded by books \(^o^)/
(actually when I did intern at Indian embassy, my work area is surrounded with books also). I am really lucky!

When I looked at it, the place is so quiet and gave old and unfriendly feeling
Maybe because only few people in. Only two staff (Mas Armi and Mas Rizki) came to work, the rest was still on Eid leave. They were welcoming me but the I feel awkward.
Then I realized I did not what to do at my first day at work so I google it, then found  19 Things You Should Do On Your First Day Of Work 10 Tips for Your First Day of Work , and How to have a good first day at work .
After reading that, I started the to pick up line by asking how they first day at work.
Mas Rizki said that he did not get assignment at first day at work
Mas Armi told me to take it slow and can use the computer and the internet

Later, after lunch break, I was told by Mas Rizki that I have an assignment to update list as introduction.
When I worked on it, my flu seemed get worse, I felt shortness of breath and eye irritation so I stopped for awhile.
Somehow it made stressed, but Alhamdulillah I got really good news.
It made my day  ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ 
I found out that Gramedia republished Three Investigator Series (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))
Three Investigator #1
Three Investigator #2
Three Investigator #3
Three Investigator #4 
I love Three Investigator!
Abi (my dad) gave me the 9th book "The Mystery of the Screaming Clock" four years ago and I fell in love instantly and want to buy the rest but I found it published on 1980s. 
I want to buy the republished edition but I remembered that I promised my mom that I will not buy any book for this month 
then I remembered that I have a wish that if I get married I want my future husband gave a complete series Three Investigator as "mahar"
I took this republish as a good sign :D
I mean if Gramedia did not republish Three Investigator Series, it will be hard request from me to my future husband (whoever you are) to find Three Investigator Series, and as far as I know, mahar have to easy to find.
Thankfully, Gramedia republished Three Investigator Series so my wish can come true
(or maybe next month I will try persuade my mom to allow me to buy books again)
Alhamdulillah! Thank you Allah! Thank you Gramedia! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

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Hare and Tortoise

Some time ago my friend share status "I may walk slowly but I never walk backwards"
His words reminded me of the story of Hare and the Tortoise
How tortoise can actually beat the hare in the race, although Hare is superior physically.
I think the tortoise won because he is consistent. In addition to consistent, the tortoise is persistent, he finished the race. He did not despair and give up.
While the Hare lost because of arrogant, he underestimate the tortoise.
Hare did not believe the obtained results , he challenged tortoise for the second race.
In the 2nd race, the tortoise won again but this time, he won with the tactics and the help of his friends.
Tortoise asked his friends (fellow turtles) to impersonate him and appear in a certain position while the tortoise itself already waiting near the finish line.
Hare was not aware of it. At first, he delighted to be running ahead of tortoise but then he was surprised because every time he managed to stay ahead of tortoisetortoise somehow be there in front of him.
From the second race, I learned everyone has their advantages and weakness.
If used correctly, weakness can became advantage.
Another lesson is teamwork can overcome great individual.

And for my reader, Eids Mubarak! Taqaballahu minna wa minkum :D

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MSC Gathering: The Truth

Finally on 19th July, MSC (a complete one) held gathering after for a long time I did not meet.
Hana Talita treated MSC plus Niken for her birthday to Pizza Express.
Alhamdulillah :D
I missed them so much

Hana Talita has reserved the place before so we did not have to be waited to be seated. Thank you Hana Talita. :D
We actually reserved the place for 5.30 pm, but  The Pizza Express said is better for us to come at 5.00 because they afraid our order will not be ready at Magrib, because everybody want to be served on Magrib too.
At 5.00 pm, only Hanata & Me that has already come so both of us decided the menu and we ordered ramadhan set menu plus alfredo spaghetti. I am satisfied with the menu and the best thing is free \(^0^)/
 (since Hana Talita is the one that pay)

On gathering, we play truth or dare. Everybody got turn to said what we hate about each member
I wanna told you about what MSC member hate  about me or they think my bad side:

Vania : When Hana told story, She told detail that not necessary, and did not directly told the point. I am often confused what reaction that Hana's expected.

I often told story from chronological order, i do not want my friend miss the detail and then get confused. I just want to share the story, I actually did not expect anything. I just want my friend, especially the best and close ones get updated information from me.

Nia : Conservative. I think how you told Ikhsan  advice or direction will made him insecure

Kathy : Talkative. I hate talkative person, actually. You also often send a lot of Line sticker that not necessary. 

Hanata: I agree with others. I did not like when you talkative because sometimes I think it is for personal message but you share it on group

Ikhsan: I did not like when you remind me of shalah. I am not the religious one but I still believe in Islam. I think praying should come from the heart.

Niken : You often say sorry when you do not make mistake and sometimes you ask question at class, that you can ask after class privately.

I quite shock to hear that but I think it is good thing to be honest with my friend so I understand them and myself better

Most of them hate me when I am talkative, I think I should learn to start think before speak and carefully choose the words.

When my turns came to tell what I hate about MSC, I spent time thinking because what I hate about them is tolerable for me.

In this gathering, I also learn a lot new information about MSC. I think I had fun.

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Lesson Learned from Princess Hours (Goong)

Sometime ago I was watching Korean drama : Princess Hours or Goong 

I watched in 2006 for the first time, and at that time, the lesson that I got is be honest to yourself and say what you feel, if you are sad, said that you are sad, and if you are happy, say you are happy. If you do not say  what you really feel and think, sometimes people will not understand what we really feel and think.

Well, after I watched the drama again, I got some additional lesson: 
-Be Grateful. The cause of unhappiness is because we instead focus on what is missing and wondering what if situation, instead of being grateful for what we have in the present.

I learned these after I saw Yul and her mother who always wished that yul father is not dead, then Yul became crown prince and her mother became Queen, they thought they will be happy in that way and they are not happy because they are not prince and queen. They was too focused on what was missing, and did not thankful for what they have now 

-Don't be greedy. You can not get everything you want. 

I did not realize that my hands are full, while I still want another. To be able to get another, I have to let go of what is in my Hand -Min Hyo Rin

-I think I should be grateful that the man that I ever like is not a prince or artist. 
I realized it when watched a scene between Shin &  Min Hyorin. Hyo Rin complained to Shin "How could I forget you?! Do you know when I read the newspaper, watch the tv, hear radio, everything tell me about you, what are you doing, what are you wearing?" 
When I heard the Hyorin's speech, I suddenly realized that I was lucky, if my condition is similar with Hyorin, it might be more difficult to me, to forget the man that I love 

- Chae-kyeong and Yul are immature. They still often act on the basis of momentary emotion (impulsivity), they do not think about the impact of such actions for long term basis or to think several moves ahead before act. 

I learned when Yul suggest Cha-kyeong that she pronounce divorce in a national interview, or when Yul and Cha-Kyeong run from school together. 

-If your husband is not good at comforting you when you are sad, tell him how he can to do so he is able to learn to comfort you, do not seek comfort or peace to the other man. 
Shin asked Chae-kyeong "What Yul can do but I can not do?" 

It turned out to that I felt exciting when at first I thought the drama would be bored :D
alhamdulillah :D

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