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Redefine: I am okay

Whenever someone told me I am an extrovert, I used to be think  "You must be kidding, right? Wait, I will prove you are wrong. There's no way I am an extrovert since I believe I am an introvert."

My eyes now open and I will not correct anyone again about how they view, perceive, or assumed about me.
- I can't control everyone's mind. It is beyond my control.
-My friend Kame reminded me about Johari Window. 
There are variety combinations of what I know and what others know
-Everyone changes, including me because we want to be a better person from who we are from yesterday
- I just finished reading Authenticity Paradox and I learn that I can revise my personal narratives.

 Most of us have personal narratives about defining moments that taught us important lessons. Consciously or not, we allow our stories, and the images of ourselves that they paint, to guide us in new situations. But the stories can become outdated as we grow, so sometimes it’s necessary to alter them dramatically or even to throw them out and start from scratch.

Sometimes when people have different view from what I think I am, I feel I am fake, not authentic.

I found out that being authentic doesn't mean that I and other people have similar opinion about me or people can see right through me.

Besides in akhirat, Allah will not ask what other people think of me but what I have done.
So you guys can think anything about me and I will not mind (Insha Allah)

Do not explain yourself to anyone
because of who likes you does not need it 
and who hate you do not believe it 
(Ali bin Abi Thalib).

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