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The Magic is Gone

When I was little, I always being number one. I thought that I am really a lucky girl because I always get first rank in my class.
being number one means that everytime I stand up in front of the class, my classmate pay attention for what I said although that I am not a claas leader. It made feel confident and It felt like magic. I mean the noisy class became a quiet one when you stand and talk in front of the class. I made me proud because I knew they respect and appreciate me.

But I am no longer feel the same way. My magic seems gone little by little. Now, everytime I talk in front of the class, my class mate only pay attention in the beginning. It made me frustated, angry, and sad. because I do not know why it happend to me.

At the first time, everytime they ignored me, I blame myself. I thought it was my fault. Mybe that I have done something wrong, my persentation is not good enough or maybe I am not a charismatic person. So , I change the way I talk, but nothing change. Is my magic really gone???

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