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Hi Guys
Sorry I did not update last week
Actually I almost did not update today
Then I began realized:
once I forgave my self because I did not update
I am lazy to write
And even look for inspiration to write
It started to become habit
It is not good
I have to discipline my self
I have to write

Even a little

My Way of Shopping

On Sunday, 17th August, I went to hypermart. I actually planned to buy one thing: cereal, but I end up buy seven thing : various snacks plus cereal.
When I go into cashier, I remembered my friend Ria said that she puzzled with my way to decide whether buy something or not and she also considered it is funny
She laugh at me when I pick one thing and said "Hey, it's been a long time since the last time I have eaten this, I think I am gonna buy it" or "Hey, It is new. I never try this, I will buy and found out how it taste."
She comment that "Han, if that's the way you buy something, I am afraid that you will end up buy everything in store. Hahahhha"

My Funny Step Father

I used to think that finding my parent were divorced and had step parent was an unfortunate event
I just found out that it is actually a blessing
I just have to shift my way of thinking
Somebody just asked me if I have to choose between lose my parent because they died or they divorced (got separated) , what will I choose?
I don't want both of course
But I knew that if any of those things happened, I should do not mind any of them because I believe that Allah always gives best for His servant :)

The one who asked me, explained that if my parent divorced, I still can see both of them while if they are dead, I can't see them anymore

So divorce is not that bad
I just realized recently that having step family made me loved by more people.
Now I have two fathers that love me :D
I also got more people to be loved by me
Is not it great?
Alhamdulillah :D

Btw, I just found out that my step father is so funny. During ramadhan, He kept forgetting kolang kaling (glibbertjes) and every time he asked for kolang-kaling, he said kongkalikong (partner in crime) instead.
He is also often confused if my mom and my family from my mother's side talk in sundanese
He asked "Who is wae? Why he is often called?"
wae in sundanese  (may be it is similar to adverb in English) has a lot meaning and it differ depends the context, so it kinda hard to explain to him.
Wae can mean only, too, etc.
But since he thought wae was a person, We laughed at him.
Last Eid, my family walked to mosque near our house, my father complained that the sermon is in English and I got puzzled to hear that because I didn't remember the time when the sermon is in English. When I arrived at mosque, I realized that English is not really mean English for my father. It is a metaphor. What my father mean was Sundanese (a language that he did not understand) because the Ustad spoke in Sundanese


Now, everytime I saw people when commute from lodge to workplace, I often amazed that there are so many people and I wonder what their background? What story that they have in life? It made me curious and realize that it is beyond my capacity to know those things.
Allahu Akbar! Praise for Allah!
How great is the power of God and how little of me

My First Day at Work and Three Investigators


Alhamdulillah :D

I started  working in SWA Magazine as Research Executive on 4th August

On my first day, I was very nervous and anxious.
I did not have a good night sleep, I woke up several times
Plus I got flu and it made feel uncomfortable
When I try to take picture of me on first day of work, I shocked that I found my self frowned
(Oh no! I delete it instantly)
I don't want to be remembered as rude at first day at work (since I believe first impression matter)
It also made me realize I am still have to learn to control my emotion
Some people asked me my last employment and It made me wander "Did I not look like fresh grad? Did I look old?" Hope not.

Fortunately, the HR, Mba Rifka is really nice, she often initiates talk, and smile  :) She was the one who accompany me during human resources tours, I met a lot people, but also forgot most of them when I got home ( I regret did not write them in notes as soon the tours end)

I also told by Mba Rifka that the research department and library are in the same place. I think it is great. I will be surrounded by books \(^o^)/
(actually when I did intern at Indian embassy, my work area is surrounded with books also). I am really lucky!

When I looked at it, the place is so quiet and gave old and unfriendly feeling
Maybe because only few people in. Only two staff (Mas Armi and Mas Rizki) came to work, the rest was still on Eid leave. They were welcoming me but the I feel awkward.
Then I realized I did not what to do at my first day at work so I google it, then found  19 Things You Should Do On Your First Day Of Work 10 Tips for Your First Day of Work , and How to have a good first day at work .
After reading that, I started the to pick up line by asking how they first day at work.
Mas Rizki said that he did not get assignment at first day at work
Mas Armi told me to take it slow and can use the computer and the internet

Later, after lunch break, I was told by Mas Rizki that I have an assignment to update list as introduction.
When I worked on it, my flu seemed get worse, I felt shortness of breath and eye irritation so I stopped for awhile.
Somehow it made stressed, but Alhamdulillah I got really good news.
It made my day  ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ 
I found out that Gramedia republished Three Investigator Series (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))
Three Investigator #1
Three Investigator #2
Three Investigator #3
Three Investigator #4 
I love Three Investigator!
Abi (my dad) gave me the 9th book "The Mystery of the Screaming Clock" four years ago and I fell in love instantly and want to buy the rest but I found it published on 1980s. 
I want to buy the republished edition but I remembered that I promised my mom that I will not buy any book for this month 
then I remembered that I have a wish that if I get married I want my future husband gave a complete series Three Investigator as "mahar"
I took this republish as a good sign :D
I mean if Gramedia did not republish Three Investigator Series, it will be hard request from me to my future husband (whoever you are) to find Three Investigator Series, and as far as I know, mahar have to easy to find.
Thankfully, Gramedia republished Three Investigator Series so my wish can come true
(or maybe next month I will try persuade my mom to allow me to buy books again)
Alhamdulillah! Thank you Allah! Thank you Gramedia! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

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Hare and Tortoise

Some time ago my friend share status "I may walk slowly but I never walk backwards"
His words reminded me of the story of Hare and the Tortoise
How tortoise can actually beat the hare in the race, although Hare is superior physically.
I think the tortoise won because he is consistent. In addition to consistent, the tortoise is persistent, he finished the race. He did not despair and give up.
While the Hare lost because of arrogant, he underestimate the tortoise.
Hare did not believe the obtained results , he challenged tortoise for the second race.
In the 2nd race, the tortoise won again but this time, he won with the tactics and the help of his friends.
Tortoise asked his friends (fellow turtles) to impersonate him and appear in a certain position while the tortoise itself already waiting near the finish line.
Hare was not aware of it. At first, he delighted to be running ahead of tortoise but then he was surprised because every time he managed to stay ahead of tortoisetortoise somehow be there in front of him.
From the second race, I learned everyone has their advantages and weakness.
If used correctly, weakness can became advantage.
Another lesson is teamwork can overcome great individual.

And for my reader, Eids Mubarak! Taqaballahu minna wa minkum :D

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