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My friend, Ika have just accepted at her dream job : Proposal Development Writer at The Nature Conservancy Indonesia.

She was so happy that she said she wanted to treat me. She asked me "Where do you want to be treated?"
I asked her budget and she said "I can cover if the price is similar with McDonald's"
When she said McDonald, I remember that I have not eaten McDonald for a long time so I said "How about McDonald?"
"Are you serious?"
"Yup. It is been a long time I have not gone to McDonald. I am thinking Hokben or KFC at first but then I realized that I can go there by my self so let's go to McDonald."
"Han, you can asked for more expensive restaurant!"
"Really? Hm... I do not any other right now so I think Mc Donald is fine"
She looked in disbelief, then I explained "You know what? Last November my friend, Vania asked to me and MSC where we want to be treat and I answer Hokben, KFC and Pizza Hut, then Nia and Hana Talita yelled at me and said that I should ask for more expensive restaurant. Vania laughed when she saw that and commented she is grateful to have friend like me because I did not asked for the expensive one. 
"Yes, Han. I think I am agree with Vania. Hahahahha" 
So we went to Mc Donald at Cikini 
Alhamdulillah :D
I am really glad that Ika treated me since I have little money left on my pocket
Thank you Allah :D Thank you Ika :D  

Shonen Star

This saturday night, i decided to spend the rest of the night by watching TV. So here i am : me, my family couch and TV.
A few minutes later my cousin came in and sat next to me but she did not watch TV with me. I turned my head around and found: She has a book with her.
My eyebrow rose. I puzzled. My cousin does not like to read.
I remember how she seldom interested when i talked about book and recommend books to her.
I read the title of the book "Shonen Star"
"What kind book is it?"
"Oh! It is comic"
"It is fun? What is it about?"
"Yeah. It is fun. Read it and go find out your self" She handed me the other shonen star
I open and scan the book
"Well, it is compilation of comic. There are so many comic in it. Are you sure it is fun?"
"Believe me, it is fun" she smiled
"But i am not sure i will understand it"
"Oops. I forgot. You must read from the first edition."
I still look puzzled
 "Well, these are my friend's. Why don't you ask him to lend you the first one?" she continued
"Him? Do i know your friend?"
"No, but i think he will glad to know you. Go ask him."
"Text him, i have his humber." My cousin grabbed her phone, searched her friend phone number, then gave her phone
"... ?"
Sony - +62856XXXXXXXX

to be continued....

In my head

I had bad habit that I often unconsciously answer people's question or statement in my head

for example:

the conversation between and my mom on the phone

My mom : "Han, make sure bla bla bla (give me sort of things that i have to do)"
Me : ..
My mom : "Han, answer me!"
Me : "I've already answered. You did not hear it? Yeah, Mi. Yes, i will do it"

My mom came home

Me : *answer the phone*

My mom observed how i answer the phone

My mom : "Now, i get it. You nod when you answer the phone. On the phone, people do not see you han, answer yes instead of nod."
Me: "Eh? I did not realize that. I will next time."

another example:

Kak Randy : "Assalamualaikum"
Me : ... ( answer wa'alaikumsalam in my head )
Kak Randy : "Is it not obligation to answer salam?"
Me : "I've already answered it."
Kak Randy : "No, you have not."
Me : "Ah! Maybe i've already answered it in my head and i thought my mouth have already open and answer it"
Kak Randy:  "You are weird! *look in disbelief* You are similar to my father. He often does that too"
Me : "What?"
Kak Randy: "He often thinks he have already answered but he did not"
Me: "ooh.. hahahha I am sorry.. But i am not alone, then"

Me & Ikhsan

This is compilation of conversation between me & ikhsan

Me     :         Wow your wallet is so thin
Ikhsan:         Yeah it is man's wallet han. It is small and thin so can fit in into pocket
Me     :         Hm... I think i want to buy man's wallet so i will have thin wallet
Ikhsan:         I don't think so. It will still thick if you buy man's wallet
Me     :         Why?
Ikhsan:         The receipt. Girls often keep them in their wallet so of course it will thick
Me     :         Hahaha.. how did you know?
Ikhsan:         I observed, Han

Me     :         *read istj description on the phone* "San, the description said that i am not romantic person."
Ikhsan:         Yeah i agree han. I could picture that
Me     :         *frowned and think ‘I actually wish he will said no, i disagree. I believe you are romantic. Yeah but it will be lying. Honest friend is better’*

Ikhsan:         What are you girls talking about?
Me     :         Did you know san, there is rumour that MSC only pick psychology student who have cumlaude grade.
Ikhsan:         That is not true. I am not. How could be?
Me     :         I did not know either. Maybe because of me. I mean i have belief that no one will be my friend if i did not have cumlaude grade.
Ikhsan:         No, i dont think so, Han. I know you. You are not type person who only pick cumlaude friends. You are not that low.
Me     :         Thank you, San. That really nice of you. 
Ikhsan:         Your welcome

Blush On

Saturday Night, 7th June 2014 at Margo City Mall

Jeany :         "Let's find a gift for Fida birthday"
Me     :         "Sure, that is what i am going to do!"
Jeany :         What are you going to buy, Han?
Me     :         Hm,,, I actually want to buy her a bag. Her bag is old and i think she need a new one, despite she said is still good and functional but i disagree. She need a new one. She might does not care her co worker’s opinion about her bag. But i care. Unfortunately, I did not have much money. Maybe I will give books
Jeany :         She is not into cosmetics, huh?
Me     :         Nope, i don't think so. Last time i met her, she said she only wear
                   compact powder and lipstick when she go to works.
Jeany :         How about you? do you wear make up, Han?
Me     :         Hm.. i only wear compact powder and lipstick. Hm.. I wear.... hm.. what is it called... hm.. Ah! i wear “pemerah pipi” when i went to interview
Jeany :         Hahahaha Blush on, Han.  your toefl score is 457 but you forgot blush on
Me     :         *blush and then laugh* it is 547, by the way, and yes i forgot, I mean i rarely wear blush o so it  is natural that i forgot what it is called

We both laughed and went to Centro

How Lucky

Dear Hana,
Do you realize how lucky you are?
There are a lot things that you have right now and you took those things for granted
but somebody else want and praying for those things

There are a lot people who want to ta'aruf and they difficult to explain it to their family and made their family understand
And you?
When you said you want ta'aruf, your parent agree, give their blessing and pray for you

There are people who struggle to persuade their parent that they want separate the male and female guest on their wedding
You, Hana?
When you said your idea, your parent nod and your best friends understand it too

Have you said Alhamdulillah today, Hana?

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