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Self - Talk for Building Self Esteem

I really am very special. I like who I am and feel
good about myself
Although I always work to improve myself and I
get better every day, like who I am today. And
tomorrow, when I'm even better. I'll like myself
then too!
It's true that there is really no one else like me in the
entire world. There was never another me before,
and there will never be another me again.
I am unique - from the top of my head to the bottom
of my feet. In some ways 0 may look and act and
sound like others - but I am not them. I am me.
I wanted to be somebody - and now I am. I would rather be me than anyone else in the world.
I like how I feel and I like how I think and I like how I do things. I approve of me and who I am.
I have many beautiful qualities about me. I have talents and skills and abilities. I even have talents that I
don't even know about yet. And I am discovering new talents inside myself all the time.
I am positive. I am confident. I radiate good things. If you look closely, you can even see a glow around
I am full of life. I like life and I am glad I am alive. I am a very special person, living at a very special
I am intelligent. My mind is quick and alert and clever and fun. I think good thoughts, and my mind
makes things work for me. I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and vitality. I am exciting and really
enjoy being around me.
I like to be around other people and other people like to be around me. People like to hear what I have to
say and know what I have to think.
I smile a lot. I am happy on the inside and I am happy on the outside.
I am interested in many things. I appreciate all the blessings I have, and the things that I learn and all the
things I will learn today and tomorrow and forever -just as long as I am.
I am warm, sincere, honest and genuine. I am all of these things and more. And all of these things are
me. I like who I am, and I'm glad to be me!

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