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Dragon Zakura

I have finished watch fun and educational dorama (japanese tv series)!
Some of you probably have watched it since it was aired at 2005.
The story is about Sakuragi Kenji, a lawyer, who help a nearly brankrupt school out of crisis by help 5 student with average score of 30 getting into Tokyo University Toudai.
Can you guess the title?

Yeah It is Dragon Zakura!! ┝\( ‘∇^*)^☆/┥

Image from wikipedia

Your answer must be right since it became title of my blog post!

I learned a lot from this dorama, such as you have to study hard so we will not be cheated.

Our society has rules. And all these rules are written by intelligent people. These rules will continue to serve these intelligent people. And stupid people will only have to try to understand their meaning. Stupid people will be cheated and continue to lose.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

Well, I never see that way, but when I think about it, it make sense.
I find the speech is interesting way to motivated student to learn.

Many student did not believe that they can make it to Todai. The dorama teach you to believe in yourself & in your dream, that anything possible if you willing work hard to reach it.

For the entrance examination, intelligence is not necessary. Necessary things are technics, perseverance and a meticulous strategy. With practice, one can pass the entrance examination.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

All those who practice something with enthusiasm have the ability to expand a great deal of effort. So when they concentrate, they will show a lot of ability and force.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

If you continue to work with all your strength, your results will rapidly grow.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

Do you know how to become strong? First, you have to know your own weaknesses.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

The dorama also tell lots of study techniques.

The concentration ability of a human can't last for more than an hour, so it's true that a break is important. But if you break for too long, you'll get the opposite effect.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

When you want to memorize something, it's difficult to remember it by force. If you connect them together, it's much easier to remember them bit by bit.
 (Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Dragon Zakura)

Learn using memory tree.
By using words and drawings, you will use the two sides of your brain. Remember: Left = drawings, right = words.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

What's the most important for the Tōdai (Tokyo University) entrance exam is that feeling of frustration when they cannot study. Knowing that, getting into Tōdai (Tokyo University) becomes easy.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

What most important in exam? The ability to use all your streght to read correctly
Read the question correctly and understand what the person wants you to say. 
(Ryūzaburō Akutayama - Dragon Zakura)

Didn't get well at the begin, doesn't mean that you'll inevitably lose the match
(Sakuragi Kenji - Dragon Zakura)

An exam is a dialogue. First, a dialogue with someone else. And then, a dialogue with ourselves
(Yujima Yuusuke - Dragon Zakura)

My favorite part are seeing all the character grow and progress, not only in their studies, but in their own life. The dorama have lots of lesson about being adult.

Losers always speak the same way “I could have handled it by myself”. 
But you were not able to do anything. 
(Sakuragi Kenji -Dragon Zakura)

Okuno Ichirō! Life is filled with moments like this. Reality is completely opposite of what you think. In school, at work, in love, everyone imagines reality is as they would like to think of it.
And one day, suddenly you realize that you were mistaken. The strength of a man is put to the test in moments like this, Okuno Ichirō.
Now, two paths are in front of you. One, continue to create your own illusions and forget... Second, accept the reality even if it is tough to take and while keeping your head held high, start again from the beginning. Okuno Ichirō, it's your life. You decide.
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

Do you know what the greatest obstacle to success? My goal are to make you enter todai, to recover Ryuuzan High School and proved to the world that I am qualified lawyer.
We have to support each other but life wont let us move forward so easily. There will always be something to block us. Do you know what this things? Human feeling! Our stubbornness, our jealousy,  our inferiority complexes, our thought, all of these make us fails.
Carrying all of these feelings, will you take what’s profitable for you?
 It’s turning point of challenge. The roads only open to winners. You can be called idiots, or the society can ignore you, but after having got good result, you’ll look down on them!
There’s only single exam for that. Once you pass it, your enviroment will completely change. So, Ogata, don’t become idiot who will let the chances escape because of his feelings!
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

They did not take their life seriousy because they do not realize it yet: The moment when their parent won’t be there looking after them anymore. When parent’s think thing of you, there’s no need to think for yourself. If something happens, the parent are there to help, they don’t have to be concerned about what to do. Is it because they are spoiled that they think like that? 
(Mizuno - Dragon Zakura)

   For an examination question, there is always only one good answer. But for life, it's different. In life, there are many correct answers. So, don't live a cowardly life. 
(Kenji Sakuragi - Dragon Zakura)

It is really heart-warming story.  :D
If you have not watch it, I recommended you to watch it.
d(゚∀゚ )b
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