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About Being Replace


I am feeling uninspired lately and I think I just found out the reason why. I am afraid I will be being replaced. I compare my feed with other bookstagrammers and I feel I am not good enough. 
And I get less like lately, I knew it probably because the instagram algorithm/my followers were busy, and I should not concern about number likes I got but it still felt hurt cause it like no matter how hard I try, it did not works.😊 
(or maybe my pics are bad lately so it got less like 😂😂)
And few days ago, I met my best friends, they remind me that I am matter. That they like me because I am Hana Bilqisthi (me).😍💕✨
They said they proud of me being bookstagrammer and think I am cool but I refuted and told them there are lot better bookstagrammers than me. They said they did not care about other bookstagrammers because they are not their friends and they are not me (Hana Bilqisthi).

It made me feel better.😊
Then I remembered other bookstagrammers who also got less like but I still like them and they are not replaceable for me. 
And I also remembered that I have perfectionist tendency, I like my self when I am seems perfect (doing good job, achieved something) and hate my self when I am not. Maybe this fear come from my perfectionist tendency.
I think Allah want teach me to love myself for who I am, not only my perfect self/condition (love my self unconditionally) or maybe I have to learn to love the process, not the result. 
Wish me luck 😊😘
Thank you so much guys for your support. 😊
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  1. I know how it feels to be afraid of being replaced and think that maybe I am not good enough. I think it's time for me to look at myself and ask "What's the purpose of my posts?" "Is it just for popularity or I want to help others?" When I come to realize what I really want, I know the answer and ways to ease that anxiety. I don't know whether it applies to you or not. Yeah that's what happens to me. :)


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