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There is always first time moment for everything, is not it?? Today I am going to Yogyakarta and take my firs flight. I never going to someplace with airplane. It is going to be my first time. :D
I am quite excited and tense
I woke up 4 am (while it is suppossed to be time i  am ready to go to Soekarno Hatta Airport, and i supposed to be there at 7am.) That is written on my task.
The problem is my house in Karawang. We (my mom and my step dad) got ready to depart from home at 5am and there wa s a little incident. My mom forget to bring printer, that was asked by  my younger  sister, to the car and my step father did not want to go back to home to get it. (FYI, my sister now at campus orientation and she needs printer.). So, my mom tried to call my brother who was still at home to find out whether he can deliver the printer to our location  thankfully my brother can deliver it. Alhamdulillah :D

But the problem has not ended. At Karawang Barat toll, there  was a long traffic jam. I quite confused because it is Tuesday. It supposed to be fine. Bad traffic jam is usually on Monday. My mom suspect the cause is car accident but my step father thought that it is just another traffic jam and a sign that Jakarta and Karawang become more crowded. Well, my mom was right. There was a car accident, crush between truck and bus. After we saw that, my step father complained that Jasa Marga quite slow to take care of that because he did not see any officer or police, then when he paid toll, he complained to the officer that was accident that made traffic jam.
My dad saw the toll road was quite ‘lenggang’ so he increased his speed and thankfully it quite good decision because I arrived quite on time. But along the way,  i felt frightening and so tense and i feel like i need go to toilet.

Thankfully i arrive at 7.10 am at Soekarno Hatta Airport :D I did not too late .. During the flight i felt so tense.. my tounge felt numb.. there are elder couple who sat next to me and they really nice and tried to have converation with me.. but i feel so tense so i only answer their question or only nodd.. i did not ask them back... They start to ask me when I read the Quran on Plane, they said it is unusual to see seomeone who has young age read quran, they usually saw the elder...
And my planed delayed because there are passangers who have been told that their flight change to mine.. but unfortunately, the plane that i took is full, there are no empty seat and I am forgot to tell fida, my bestie who will pick me up at Adisudjipto Airport...  I hope she did not wait too long
When i got at Adisucipto, it is already 11 am while i am suppossed to be arrived at 10 am.. and i thought fida house is quite close to Bandara.. like 10 minutes.. We use trans Jogja and we wait quite long time and when i arrived it is already zuhur... i miss duha prayer :(
Anyway i am really thankful that I arrived safely.. :D
when i got a fida’s house.. i spent a lot time slept.. i felt so tired.. 
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