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My co worker often laughed at me and I puzzled, I did not understand why they laugh
They said “Not everything can be explained, Han. It only can be felt.” 
Then they continue to laugh
"The important thing is that you get good deed for making people laugh, Han" comment Retno, one of co workers.

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Then I remembered my partners when I worked on undergraduate thesis, Ria and Shahnaz, often laugh at me, too. Ria said my expression is funny. Shahnaz said I am not funny in humorous way, but rather because I appreciate every little things and care to my friends

I recalled my best friend Vania also said I am funny, so I asked her why she thinks I am funny.
She said my remarks/ comment (celetukan) is funny, I did not try to be funny nor I realize that I am funny. She also said I am often laugh after I made mistake. Those are things that lead her to think I am funny.

Hm... I still don't get it but I learned something about myself :D

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