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Smile, Han :) Allah Loves You :)

There is a time when I think I am not worth to be loved

why do you think you are not worth be loved Hana?
 ya, why?




I am not perfect...?

Is it all?

Because if I were born again,
I am not sure I would you like to born as myself
Maybe No..
I am not sure..
I like some part of mine
and I hate some part of it

Despite I knew a fact that true happiness comes from inside
I know that..
but I have not applied that knowledge
stupid, right?
 I did not love myself ..
There are a lot things that I want to change about me..
And I believe that I am not worth to be loved..

How could, Han?
How could you believe that you are not worth to be loved?
How could you believe that you are not worth to be loved when Allah and Rasulullah love you!
Remember the main reason you called yourself the luckiest girl in the world?
Allah blessed you with Islam, Han
you were born as muslim..


Well, if Allah want you to be perfect, He had made you an angel, Han
not human..
Human is imperfect

Remember the last words that Rasulullah said before He died?
Ummati, Ummati, Ummati
He remembered his ummah, not his wife, his children, his best friend, his mother
He called his ummah, Hana
and it means you are included, Hana

Do you forget that Allah blessed you with Muslim parent?
They teach you to read Quran and encourage you to read Islamic book, Hana
Do you realize that you are born in Indonesia, a country that has the biggest Muslim population in the world?
It is easier for you to pray, wear hijab, read Quran

Allah involves you in da'wa, Han
He chose you to be part SALAM UI
da'wah will continue, with or without you, Hana

Do not ever think you are not worth to be loved, Hana..
Istigfar, Han..
Repent immediately
Beg His Mercy, Hana..

And remember:
Smile, Han :)
Allah Loves You :)
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