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Hard to say Good bye

Beside Mba Asri, one of my co worker has left Research SWA and did not say good bye.
I and my co workers wonder why she did not say good bye.
Did we do something wrong to her?
Then at the last day Mba Asri at SWA, my co workers Rizki said to her that he hated separation and say goodbye

Suddenly, It occurs to me that maybe my co worker who left without said good bye actually felt that it is hard to say good bye so she did not do it.

I also remember story about Umar and Ali. Ali once complained Umar's behavior to Rasulullah PBUH. He wonder why Umar never said "Assalamu'alalikum" to him whenever they met. Ali, think that Umar hated him.
Then Rasulullah PBUH called Umar and asked his explanation about Ali's complain. Umar said that He heard that the one who said Assalamu'alaikum first to his brother is the one who have more reward (good deed), so Umar did not said Assalamu'alaikum first because He wants Ali to have opportunity to become the first one who said Assalamu'alaikum.

This is wonderful story how beautiful the brotherhood of prophet's companions. We learn that sometimes things not the way they seems, things that look bad from our perspectives do not mean they bad. We have to find out more and have positive thinking.

And maybe my co workers just felt hard to say good bye. I better try to find out. Wish me luck! :D

There is always something to look forward to. In pain, look forward to healing. In hardship, look forward to ease. And in separation, look forward to reunion. Allah has promised the believers all these things.
Yasmin Mogahed

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