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my favorites quotes about developmental psy and psychoanalysis :D


there is nothing is permanent expect change -heraclitus

there is one thing even more vital to science than intelligent methods;
and that is, the sincere desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be. -charles Sanders Pierce

if I could have watched you grow
as magical mother might
if I could hae seen through my magical transparent belly,
there would have been such ripening within -Anne Sexton, 1966

the experience of the 1st three years of life are almost entirely lost to us.
& when we attempt to enter into a small child's world,
we come as foreigners who have forgetten the landscape
& no longer speak the native tongue -Selma Fraiberg

so runs my dream; but what am I?
an infant crying in the night;
an infant crying for the light,
and with no language but cry -Alfred, Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam, Canto 54, 1850

i'm like child
trying to do everything
say everything
and be averything
all at once -John hartford, "Life Prayer", 1971

Children live in a world of imagination & feeling....
They invest the most insignificant object in any form
they please, and see in it whatever they wish to see -Adam G. Oehlenschlager, 1857

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning....
They have to play with what they know to be true in order to find out more,
and then they can use what they learn in new forms of play -Fred Rogers, 1983

What we must remember above all in the education of our children
is that their love of live should never weaken -Natalie Ginzburg, 1985

Have you ever like nobody?
Just tiny speck of air
When everyone's around you
And you are just not there -Karen Crawford, age 9

this face in the mirror
stares at me
demanding Who are you? What will you become?
and taunting, You don't even know
Chastened, I cringed and agree
an then
because I'm still young
I stick out my tounge -Eve Merriam, 1964

if...happiness is the absence of fever then I will never know happiness.
For I am possessed by a fever for knowledge, experience, & creation -Diary of Anais Nin (1931-1934)

There is still today
And tomorrow fresh with dreams;
Life never grows old -Rita Duskin,"Haiku", Sound and Light, 1987

Every aduts is in need of help, of warmth, of protection
,,,in many ways differing [form] and yet in many ways similar to the needs of the child
-Erich Fromm, 1955

If I couldn’t be pretty, I decided I would be smart -Karen Horney

One is very crazy when in love  . . .
Whoever loves becomes humble.
Those who love have, so to speak,
pawned a part of their narcissism -Sigmund Freud

Yes, America is gigantic,
but a gigantic mistake -Sigmund Freud

Where love rules, there is no will to power;
and where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other. -C.G. Jung

Show me a sane man
and I will cure him for you -C.G. Jung

Exaggerated sensitiveness is an expression of the feeling of inferiority -alfred Adler

Concern should drive us into action, not into a depression  -Karen Horney

Love is often nothing but a favorable exchange between two people
who get the most of what they can expect,
considering their value on the personality market.-E. Fromm

The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and,
in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother's side,
yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother,
and to become fully independent.  -E. Fromm

What you know about the people whom you know at all well is truly amazing,
even though you have never formulated it -H. S. Sullivan

When the satisfaction or the security of another person becomes as significant to
one as one's own satisfaction or security,
then the state of love exists.
Under no othercircumstances is a state of love present,
regardless of the popular usage of the term -H. S. Sullivan

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