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Hare and Tortoise

Some time ago my friend share status "I may walk slowly but I never walk backwards"
His words reminded me of the story of Hare and the Tortoise
How tortoise can actually beat the hare in the race, although Hare is superior physically.
I think the tortoise won because he is consistent. In addition to consistent, the tortoise is persistent, he finished the race. He did not despair and give up.
While the Hare lost because of arrogant, he underestimate the tortoise.
Hare did not believe the obtained results , he challenged tortoise for the second race.
In the 2nd race, the tortoise won again but this time, he won with the tactics and the help of his friends.
Tortoise asked his friends (fellow turtles) to impersonate him and appear in a certain position while the tortoise itself already waiting near the finish line.
Hare was not aware of it. At first, he delighted to be running ahead of tortoise but then he was surprised because every time he managed to stay ahead of tortoisetortoise somehow be there in front of him.
From the second race, I learned everyone has their advantages and weakness.
If used correctly, weakness can became advantage.
Another lesson is teamwork can overcome great individual.

And for my reader, Eids Mubarak! Taqaballahu minna wa minkum :D

Baca versi Indonesianya, disini
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