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MSC Gathering: The Truth

Finally on 19th July, MSC (a complete one) held gathering after for a long time I did not meet.
Hana Talita treated MSC plus Niken for her birthday to Pizza Express.
Alhamdulillah :D
I missed them so much

Hana Talita has reserved the place before so we did not have to be waited to be seated. Thank you Hana Talita. :D
We actually reserved the place for 5.30 pm, but  The Pizza Express said is better for us to come at 5.00 because they afraid our order will not be ready at Magrib, because everybody want to be served on Magrib too.
At 5.00 pm, only Hanata & Me that has already come so both of us decided the menu and we ordered ramadhan set menu plus alfredo spaghetti. I am satisfied with the menu and the best thing is free \(^0^)/
 (since Hana Talita is the one that pay)

On gathering, we play truth or dare. Everybody got turn to said what we hate about each member
I wanna told you about what MSC member hate  about me or they think my bad side:

Vania : When Hana told story, She told detail that not necessary, and did not directly told the point. I am often confused what reaction that Hana's expected.

I often told story from chronological order, i do not want my friend miss the detail and then get confused. I just want to share the story, I actually did not expect anything. I just want my friend, especially the best and close ones get updated information from me.

Nia : Conservative. I think how you told Ikhsan  advice or direction will made him insecure

Kathy : Talkative. I hate talkative person, actually. You also often send a lot of Line sticker that not necessary. 

Hanata: I agree with others. I did not like when you talkative because sometimes I think it is for personal message but you share it on group

Ikhsan: I did not like when you remind me of shalah. I am not the religious one but I still believe in Islam. I think praying should come from the heart.

Niken : You often say sorry when you do not make mistake and sometimes you ask question at class, that you can ask after class privately.

I quite shock to hear that but I think it is good thing to be honest with my friend so I understand them and myself better

Most of them hate me when I am talkative, I think I should learn to start think before speak and carefully choose the words.

When my turns came to tell what I hate about MSC, I spent time thinking because what I hate about them is tolerable for me.

In this gathering, I also learn a lot new information about MSC. I think I had fun.

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