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My Funny Step Father

I used to think that finding my parent were divorced and had step parent was an unfortunate event
I just found out that it is actually a blessing
I just have to shift my way of thinking
Somebody just asked me if I have to choose between lose my parent because they died or they divorced (got separated) , what will I choose?
I don't want both of course
But I knew that if any of those things happened, I should do not mind any of them because I believe that Allah always gives best for His servant :)

The one who asked me, explained that if my parent divorced, I still can see both of them while if they are dead, I can't see them anymore

So divorce is not that bad
I just realized recently that having step family made me loved by more people.
Now I have two fathers that love me :D
I also got more people to be loved by me
Is not it great?
Alhamdulillah :D

Btw, I just found out that my step father is so funny. During ramadhan, He kept forgetting kolang kaling (glibbertjes) and every time he asked for kolang-kaling, he said kongkalikong (partner in crime) instead.
He is also often confused if my mom and my family from my mother's side talk in sundanese
He asked "Who is wae? Why he is often called?"
wae in sundanese  (may be it is similar to adverb in English) has a lot meaning and it differ depends the context, so it kinda hard to explain to him.
Wae can mean only, too, etc.
But since he thought wae was a person, We laughed at him.
Last Eid, my family walked to mosque near our house, my father complained that the sermon is in English and I got puzzled to hear that because I didn't remember the time when the sermon is in English. When I arrived at mosque, I realized that English is not really mean English for my father. It is a metaphor. What my father mean was Sundanese (a language that he did not understand) because the Ustad spoke in Sundanese

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