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Dream Dress

Alhamdulilah \(^o^)/ 
The fortune that has been written belong to me will come to me, no matter the circumstance  
There is a dress that I want when I went shopping to Matahari Depok Town Square back in the February.

I want to wear the dress for faculty graduation
But when I check my wallet, I did not have that much money so I let it go with heavy heart
Then at 6th Sep, I went shopping to Matahari Supermall Karawang and I found the dress that I wanted back in February
And It is discounted 50%+20%!
I asked my mom to buy it for me :D
Thankfully she agreed! 
Alhamdulillah :D
I am really lucky 

Baca versi bahasa Indonesianya juga disini

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