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Perfection trap

After watch  Im Trying But I Keep Messing Up - Yasmin Mogahed
I just realized something:  one of devil's trick is to make us think to wait to be perfect to start something good
I just recalled  when I was in middle school I did not want to put hijab because I feel I am not good or perfect enough as Muslimah
So I want to wait until I became perfect
But the problem is that I will never be perfect because I am human
Human make mistake
The perfection only belongs to Allah
Man's duties are trying to be good (to worship God) and repent every time do wrong
So if I want to do good, I just have to do it NOW!
or as soon as possible
Don't wait to do good before it is too late
We will never know if we still have a chance do it since the death can come anytime

O Allah
Please help me and my readers to always do good deeds as soon as possible
Don't let the devil trick us or fool us
Protect us from the devil
Guide us to the right path
Don't let us go astray after You guide us
La haula walla kuwata illa billah

 Baca versi bahasa Indonesia disini

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