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Teh Tawar and Teh Manis

Whenever I and my best friend, Fida,  have dinner
Did you know what we always order for the drink?
Yup it is the same as the tittle :D
I always order teh tawar and Fida always order teh manis.
It actually quite represent the culture where we come from or how we raised .
I am Sundanese (and it is common to have teh tawar as drink)
While Fida is Javanese (she comes from Yogyakarta) and it is common for her to have teh manis as drink
Despite we often went to have dinner together, we often forget each other's choice for drink
I often ask her what she want for drink even she often order teh manis
and vice versa
then we repeat our conversation about how we puzzled about each other choice of drink
I am grateful to have her as my best friend
and despite we have differences, we choose to stay together
And I think that is important

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