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Fake Cofidence

I just got back from Executive Event: The Future-Ready Organization, Reinventing Work in ASEAN held by Accenture and SWA at Kempinski Hotel
My Manager and Mas Joko asked me suddenly in the morning so I came with unpreprared outfit
I just wear  casual cardigan plus long skirt and when I saw the other guest, I felt down because they wear better dress. I lost my confidence and I want to wear better outfit. After sometime I realized something that I decide the level of confidence based on my outfit. It is not good. How could I become stupid?
Outfit did not matter.
I remember the successful people who wear simple and casual outfit and they are still cool because their personality and their skill outshine their outfit.
I felt shame to forget about that.
I said to my self that maybe in the future there will a lot unexpected event happened when I wear my casual outfit and as long as I delivered best performance, what I wear will not matter.
If I depend my level confidence based my outfit, It mean it is fake confidence.
It is not come from within or my inner self.
These event made me realized that I should be more believe in my self  and be more confidence.
Maybe today event is one of exercise or practice for me.
Allah knows best!
Good Luck for me
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