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Look Back with Love

When I joined SWA, my co workers often told me story about Mba Aini, the one whose position I replace.
Sometimes they compared me with her
At first I get annoyed because I thought they think I am not good enough.
But I also realized that for me, they are my first co worker but to them I am not their first.

Now I am no longer annoyed.
I began to understand

One of my co workers, Mba Asri had resign and will change job soon.
I close enough to her. We often had lunch together and have girls talk, She's type who easy to talk to

I read that fortune is not only about money, but friend is also fortune.
I am grateful that Allah gave me good friend, like Mba Asri.
Soon after realized that fact, I said thanks to Mba Asri for being good friend and I am really grateful to meet her.

I think if Mba Asri has already moved, I will keep talking about her because I miss her and do not want to forget her

Now I kinda understand my co worker's feeling back.
They keep talking about Mba Aini not because I was not good enough but because they love Mba Aini and want to remember her.
So when the new one come maybe they cant help to compare

For two beings who are not friends are near each other, there is no meeting,
 and when friend far apart there is no separation
-Simone Weil

Read Indonesia version, here

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