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Practice what you preach (keep trying)

After I posted Perfection Trap, I became aware of something .. 
I put off doing something because I'm afraid, I wait until I think things get better or perfect then I realized nothing change if I do nothing so I had to do something to change it
I decided to focus and solve these problems and stop to blogging so I can use the spare time that I usually use for writing to solve these problem.
I made my mind and start working on these problem
then after a while I remember that I forgot to tell you guys, my readers about this plan.
I should tell you guys right after I made up my mind but I forgot.
I knew I promised to posts update every week and therefore I apologize that no updates for these past time , especially for my loyal readers who look forward to my weekly posts. 
I understand if you consider my behavior is not consistent with my speech. 
I'm really sorry.
In this post, I want to tell that I will keep posting every week but only until the end of 2014 (Insya allah). I hope you can understand and still want to read my blog :D

Thank you for your attention! Wish me luck! 
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