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My co worker, Rizki said thanks to me. He said he became more confident after I joined SWA.
At that time, I thought he become more confident because he is no longer the youngest and he is smarter than me. 
I felt I was the stupidest since I knew little about business and SWA Magazine so I often ask my senior about a lot of things and sometime they seem get annoyed by my question so I feel stupider.
I often ask a lot of questions to Rizki since he seem welcomed or did not seem annoyed if I ask question and our age difference is only a year apart. I feel like I ask a friend, not senior.

I tried to feel not stupid by remembering Albert Einsten quotes that "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" 
It is alright for me to not know all things.
It is okay for me to feel stupid.
I said to myself  it will be not okay when I did not want to learn or study anymore
realized that I knew nothing and little made me curious and want to learn
then I can grow into better person.

After two months in SWA, Rizki admitted that he felt more confident than me because he finally found someone who is smaller and skinnier than he.
I was speechless. -_-
I did not get it
then I realized it is about what things that matter to someone.
For me, being smart is important because it made me confident
So when someone said he/she is more confident, I automatically think that he/she has same source of confidence and think what made people more confident than me if he/she is smarter than me 
But I am forget that people have different source of confident or things that matter to them.
For Rizki, It seems body image is important thing or source of his confident so when he found someone who is skinnier/thinner, He felt more confident.

Then I asked him "So you did not think I am stupid?"
Rizki said "No"
then I smiled 

I also realized something else:
belajar itu selalu koma, tidak pernah mengenal titik
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