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Change Focus: #AlhamdulillahFor

I recalled that whenever I took a test, like Kraeplin or Pauli, I often still think my mistake when I do the next columns, even I have corrected the wrong one, I still worry whether the tester can read my writing or not. It often slowed me down.

The other thing that I realized that it is easy for me to see what's wrong, instead what's right in something. I often found myself become critical or cynic.

That made me realized that I often focus on my mistake in the past instead focus in the present, see the opportunity to change, fix it and make it better (have a growth mindset). Focus in the past hindering my process to be a better person.

Yeah, I can not be in this state forever. (I don't want to)
I should do something to change this.
(suddenly I hear "Let It Go" Frozen Song in my head. Hahaha)

And Alhamdulillah I found this:

Often what makes us fall into despair is focusing on the wrong things. 
For example, if we’ve sinned, we focus on the sin, rather than the Most Merciful.
If we’re broken, we focus on the break instead of Al Jabbar, the One who mends.
 If we are in pain, we focus on the pain itself, instead of on the One who removes all pain. 
If we are wounded, we focus on the wound instead of on the One who heals all wounds.
 If we’re scared, we focus on the fear, instead of the Protector. 
And if we’re facing a problem, we see the problem, but not the One who can solve it. 
We see the lion, but not the lion tamer.
 We see the imperfections of dunya, but not the perfection of Allah. 
We see the immediate, but not the Tomorrow, the tree, but not the fruit, the thorn, but not the rose.
 All our pain, all our despair, all our hopelessness, stems from looking at the creation, instead of the Creator.
 Ask yourself: what is your heart looking at?
by Yasmin Mogahed

Reading this made me realize I should change my focus. I should stop worry about past mistake and failure. I should put them in the box with "past" label. I should let them go after learned my lesson. I should learn to forgive myself, and give myself a chance to be a better person.
 The most important thing is I should change heart focus to Allah, the Creator, not the creation.

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One thing that I do tho change my focus is I currently keep a journal about what good things that I appreciate for that day. I gave the name "#AlhamdulillahFor" project and I planning to do this for a month.
I know this is not enough, there are many things I have to do to change, but this time I begin to take one small step for change.

Wish me luck guys :D

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