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Why I love to watch Return of Superman (Korean Variety Show)

The Return of Superman (Superman is back) is a Korean variety show on KBS World where the celebrity dads are looking after their kids while the moms are away from home.

Image download from The Return od Superman KBS World Facebook Fanpage

I love watch this variety show because it reminds me that:

* Allah is Al-`Adl (The Just)

If you look carefully, you will realized that every family have their own strength weakness, and their own problem. There are no perfect family so if you see a family that somehow seemed "perfect".
They are not. They seemed "perfect" because they grateful for what they have and choose to love their family's members despite their imperfection.

Sometimes we envy the happiness of others. When those things happen, remember and believe that God is The Just. Things that make other people happy is not necessarily make you happy, or vice versa. Allah knows His servants better.

Family is a beautiful thing
Family are beautiful people
That's why I like family, because they are beautiful
Lee Haru

* Allah never gives his servant, a trial that is too great too bear.

The children often give their parent, especially the dads, "challenges", such as being picky eater, hard to sleep, often cried a lot.
At first, The dads shocked, confused, helpless, and often show a lot incompetencies when handle their children. But in the end, they learn that they can overcome the challenges that has been given by their children (They learn how to cope with the situation). Alhamdulillah, It is work out in the end \(^0^)/

*The greater the test and trial, The greater the reward
Raising children maybe hard and need a lot of sacrifice, but it worth the pain. The dads often admit the children gave them great amount of happiness, a richer and fuller life.

"No matter how tired I am outside, 
I feel my heartbeat rise when I go home."
Lee Hwijae

Bingung? Yuk baca versi bahasa Indonesianya disini

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