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Celebrating Failure


Happy Friday Good People ✨✨

I am really happy that weekend is near.  I can't wait another time for me to read ✨✨😊📖
Btw, I have read an inspiring article entitled "Billionaire CEO Sara Blakely Says These 7 Words Are the Best Career Advice She Ever Got

The article told us that during Sara Blakely's childhood, her father would sit her down at the dining room table and ask her the same question: "What did you fail at this week?" And when she told him, he high-fived her.

Every week growing up, her father made her reflect on something she'd failed at, then showed her that not only was she still loved after failing, but she was celebrated for it. Her dad taught her that failing simply just leads you to the next great thing.

I really love this article. I used to believe that I only will be loved if I am perfect/get all A on my report card. I was even thinking to kill myself for the bad score/grade that I got. Now, I knew that I did not need to be perfect/get all A on my report to be love. Failure is not the end of me or my world. It is part of the process. It is part of life. Something that I have to go through. I like this article's message because it is aligned with I have learned in life and I even got parenting technique how to tell my children (if I become parent someday), that I still love them despite the failure they make 😊
Have great day for all of you.
Hope all is well 💕💕
5 komentar on "Celebrating Failure"
  1. Makasih han udah ngingetin, kadang suka lupa kl kegagalan jg perlu dirayakan😂 anyway gw berharap postingan ini bisa lebih panjang 😁

    1. sama-sama Retno :) hehehe makasih feedbacknya tapi maaf ya baru ngeblog lagi jadi masih singkat nulisnya :)

  2. Aa so sweet.. unconditional love dari orang tua memang segalanya.. salam kenal, mbak hana


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