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When I heard my mother will get married again, I'm skeptical.
I know second marriages are more vulnerable than the first marriage
because each person thinks they have learned from their mistakes,
 but in fact is not necessarily true,
 the same problem can or will reappear.

Besides, I'm afraid I can not adapt well.
Father figure is rarely present in my life, 
what will I feel when suddenly there is a strange man who would show up every day to be my father? 
From what I heard,  my prospective father has 4 children.
 How will I adapt to my new four siblings?
 What will I call them?
Will am I no longer the first child?
There are many questions running in my mind that scared me and made me anxious.
Unfortunately, between my brother and sister, I am the only one who opposed  this marriage.
I even cried in front of my mom, but my mom said "Je, everyone has already agreed. Only you are not. "
I did not believe it when I heard that. Did my siblings not worry like me?
I mean a man and four new sibling will be a big change in life, right?
I can not imagine adaptation process! It will be hard! I presume

My brother, Huang said "What’s the problem, Je? Don’t shut yourself! Be more open! Why not try it once?"
Nia, my bestie, said I am worried because I am the first child and I feel responsible as head of the family if the marriage fails.
Maybe.. It sounds logical to me.

Do you know what?
The marriage turns out okay, not scary.
My step dad is a realistic person.
My family did not move to Jakarta (my step father come from Jakarta) and his family did not move to Karawang.
The new family had not stayed under the same roof. We live apart.
He comes to Karawang every weekend, it made the adaptation process easier for me, because it is not sudden and big changes. 
I and my siblings do not have to call him father/abi, we can call him, Om yul.
His children also call my mom, aunt Ema. 
The best part is that I was not forced to meet with my step siblings.
The second marriage turns out fine, the change was not as drastic and as difficult as I feared
Alhamdulillah : D

And now, a year has passed. I think it's time that I started to change my stepdad nickname.
Yes, a few days ago, I started calling him Dad, not Om yul anymore.
My tongue is still numb and sometimes, I forget and call him Om Yul again.  

But I am going to change, to be better :D

baca versi Indonesianya, disini.
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