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Three days ago, I read psychology today article entitled  Can a Rebound Relationship Be the Real Deal?”. The main point of the article is that we often think that after the break up, it is better to wait before starting a new relationship. But it is proved to be otherwise, it is better if we immediately start a new relationship after break up.

After read this article I suddenly remember a friend, she took a break after failed once in looking for a job . She feels she needs time to heal the disappointment. Unlike me, who still continue to look for when I fail. Somehow, i adapt better than her.

Read this article made me realize it turns out that relationship and looking for a job have similar mechanism
If you fail, just try again (restart) :)

To be honest, i took a break in my ta'aruf process, I assumed it is better for me to heal my wound then try again.
So when my murrabi, Kak Ran asked whether I want to start ta'aruf again
I answered “later”
aih... There are so many things that I have to learn
Wish me luck!


baca versi bahasa Indonesia, disini.
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