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Natural (Taken for Granted)

On 15th May morning, when i went to my internship place (Embassy of India), 
i found out that assistant of kopaja driver, that i rode,  is mute. 
Usually the duty of assistant of kopaya driver are collecting money,shout the destination place and tell the driver when a/some passanger want to stop. So i was surprised when i saw mute assistant of kopaja driver. he just made sounds Eeeh, sounded like whimpering cry for me 

Kopaja driver seems impatient with this assistant, few times I heard the assistant is subject to anger. I guess I can understand why the driver is angry, he is angry because it takes more effort in communicating to his assistant. I'm sad to see it , feel sorry for the assistant and start to wonder
Why he chose to become a assistant ?
What event and path that lead him until he became assistant?
From what i observed, the assistant often laughed strangely.
I again wondered what made him so tough until he is able to laugh?
because I knew it would be difficult for me if I were in his position.
I mean how to express and respond to the world when they don’t understand you?
through sign language? I am afraid not everyone can understand .
through writing ? it will be time-consuming .

Whatever it is, I suddenly felt that i ungrateful.  I often take my ability to hear and speak  for granted.  I thought it was a natural thing that I often forget to thank God.
Good heavens .
Praise to Allah for this blessing

I hope i can be grateful servant.

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