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My friend, Ika have just accepted at her dream job : Proposal Development Writer at The Nature Conservancy Indonesia.

She was so happy that she said she wanted to treat me. She asked me "Where do you want to be treated?"
I asked her budget and she said "I can cover if the price is similar with McDonald's"
When she said McDonald, I remember that I have not eaten McDonald for a long time so I said "How about McDonald?"
"Are you serious?"
"Yup. It is been a long time I have not gone to McDonald. I am thinking Hokben or KFC at first but then I realized that I can go there by my self so let's go to McDonald."
"Han, you can asked for more expensive restaurant!"
"Really? Hm... I do not any other right now so I think Mc Donald is fine"
She looked in disbelief, then I explained "You know what? Last November my friend, Vania asked to me and MSC where we want to be treat and I answer Hokben, KFC and Pizza Hut, then Nia and Hana Talita yelled at me and said that I should ask for more expensive restaurant. Vania laughed when she saw that and commented she is grateful to have friend like me because I did not asked for the expensive one. 
"Yes, Han. I think I am agree with Vania. Hahahahha" 
So we went to Mc Donald at Cikini 
Alhamdulillah :D
I am really glad that Ika treated me since I have little money left on my pocket
Thank you Allah :D Thank you Ika :D  
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