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Me & Ikhsan

This is compilation of conversation between me & ikhsan

Me     :         Wow your wallet is so thin
Ikhsan:         Yeah it is man's wallet han. It is small and thin so can fit in into pocket
Me     :         Hm... I think i want to buy man's wallet so i will have thin wallet
Ikhsan:         I don't think so. It will still thick if you buy man's wallet
Me     :         Why?
Ikhsan:         The receipt. Girls often keep them in their wallet so of course it will thick
Me     :         Hahaha.. how did you know?
Ikhsan:         I observed, Han

Me     :         *read istj description on the phone* "San, the description said that i am not romantic person."
Ikhsan:         Yeah i agree han. I could picture that
Me     :         *frowned and think ‘I actually wish he will said no, i disagree. I believe you are romantic. Yeah but it will be lying. Honest friend is better’*

Ikhsan:         What are you girls talking about?
Me     :         Did you know san, there is rumour that MSC only pick psychology student who have cumlaude grade.
Ikhsan:         That is not true. I am not. How could be?
Me     :         I did not know either. Maybe because of me. I mean i have belief that no one will be my friend if i did not have cumlaude grade.
Ikhsan:         No, i dont think so, Han. I know you. You are not type person who only pick cumlaude friends. You are not that low.
Me     :         Thank you, San. That really nice of you. 
Ikhsan:         Your welcome
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