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Saturday Night, 7th June 2014 at Margo City Mall

Jeany :         "Let's find a gift for Fida birthday"
Me     :         "Sure, that is what i am going to do!"
Jeany :         What are you going to buy, Han?
Me     :         Hm,,, I actually want to buy her a bag. Her bag is old and i think she need a new one, despite she said is still good and functional but i disagree. She need a new one. She might does not care her co worker’s opinion about her bag. But i care. Unfortunately, I did not have much money. Maybe I will give books
Jeany :         She is not into cosmetics, huh?
Me     :         Nope, i don't think so. Last time i met her, she said she only wear
                   compact powder and lipstick when she go to works.
Jeany :         How about you? do you wear make up, Han?
Me     :         Hm.. i only wear compact powder and lipstick. Hm.. I wear.... hm.. what is it called... hm.. Ah! i wear “pemerah pipi” when i went to interview
Jeany :         Hahahaha Blush on, Han.  your toefl score is 457 but you forgot blush on
Me     :         *blush and then laugh* it is 547, by the way, and yes i forgot, I mean i rarely wear blush o so it  is natural that i forgot what it is called

We both laughed and went to Centro
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