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In my head

I had bad habit that I often unconsciously answer people's question or statement in my head

for example:

the conversation between and my mom on the phone

My mom : "Han, make sure bla bla bla (give me sort of things that i have to do)"
Me : ..
My mom : "Han, answer me!"
Me : "I've already answered. You did not hear it? Yeah, Mi. Yes, i will do it"

My mom came home

Me : *answer the phone*

My mom observed how i answer the phone

My mom : "Now, i get it. You nod when you answer the phone. On the phone, people do not see you han, answer yes instead of nod."
Me: "Eh? I did not realize that. I will next time."

another example:

Kak Randy : "Assalamualaikum"
Me : ... ( answer wa'alaikumsalam in my head )
Kak Randy : "Is it not obligation to answer salam?"
Me : "I've already answered it."
Kak Randy : "No, you have not."
Me : "Ah! Maybe i've already answered it in my head and i thought my mouth have already open and answer it"
Kak Randy:  "You are weird! *look in disbelief* You are similar to my father. He often does that too"
Me : "What?"
Kak Randy: "He often thinks he have already answered but he did not"
Me: "ooh.. hahahha I am sorry.. But i am not alone, then"
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