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Shonen Star

This saturday night, i decided to spend the rest of the night by watching TV. So here i am : me, my family couch and TV.
A few minutes later my cousin came in and sat next to me but she did not watch TV with me. I turned my head around and found: She has a book with her.
My eyebrow rose. I puzzled. My cousin does not like to read.
I remember how she seldom interested when i talked about book and recommend books to her.
I read the title of the book "Shonen Star"
"What kind book is it?"
"Oh! It is comic"
"It is fun? What is it about?"
"Yeah. It is fun. Read it and go find out your self" She handed me the other shonen star
I open and scan the book
"Well, it is compilation of comic. There are so many comic in it. Are you sure it is fun?"
"Believe me, it is fun" she smiled
"But i am not sure i will understand it"
"Oops. I forgot. You must read from the first edition."
I still look puzzled
 "Well, these are my friend's. Why don't you ask him to lend you the first one?" she continued
"Him? Do i know your friend?"
"No, but i think he will glad to know you. Go ask him."
"Text him, i have his humber." My cousin grabbed her phone, searched her friend phone number, then gave her phone
"... ?"
Sony - +62856XXXXXXXX

to be continued....

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