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Hate your mistake, not yourself

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Please stop!
Stop saying "I hate myself" whenever you remember your mistake
Or when embarrassing moment flash & flooded your mind
It is okay to make mistakes
You have right to make mistakes
You are human, not an angel
Human prone to make mistakes

Let take a deep breath
Now, listen to me.
If your best friends make mistakes, will you say you hate them?
No, you will not
You will forgive them even before they said sorry

If your best friends do embarrassing things, will you say you hate them?
No, you will laugh.
Thanking them for making you laugh.

So, can you do the same for yourself?

Stop saying you are stupid for making mistakes
Even high quality human, like prophets make mistakes
But they did not say they hate themselves after they make mistakes
They ran to Allah
They ask Allah forgiveness

Anything that can make you closer to Allah is a gift
A blessing
Not opportunity to say I hate myself

Maybe you make mistakes so you can understand how awful it feels
and how much you want your mistake erased and forgiven

Please hate your mistakes, not yourself
Yes, your mistakes are part of you
But your mistakes did not define all parts of you
Don't be trapped in thinking that you can't be better
Human have ability to learn, to be a better version of themselves
Let your regret, pain, guilt, and shame push you towards Allah
To push you to be a better version of you

Do not resent the calamities that come 
and the disasters that occur, 
for perhaps in something that you dislike 
will be your salvation,
and perhaps in something that you prefer 
will be your doom.
4 komentar on "Hate your mistake, not yourself"
  1. Ngasih pencerahan mbak :')
    Makasiiih ^^

  2. kadang malah menyalahkan orang lain karena suatu hal :( terima kasih sudah mengingatkan kak :D

    1. sma2 :) ya ada tipe orang yang suka nyalahin ornag juga..

      tapi tulisan ini didedikasikan buat orang2 yang suka nyalahin diri sendiri sih..
      supaya nyalahin diri nya jangan ekstrim.. hehe

      jadi kepikiran mungkin perlu buat tulisan buat orang yang ngga suka disalahin..
      makasih idenya :*


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