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Millenium Super Cool: The Best Team Ever

I just realized that I often mention Millenium Super Cool (MSC) in my blog but i have not introduce them properly
so this post dedicates to introduce them
here they are
Vania, Nia, Kathy, Me, Ikhsan and Hana Talita

Nia is one of my first friend in university, we lived at the same floor in the university dorm, C2 in our freshman year .
You could say we got close by proximity. She's my closest one in MSC. I adore her because she's hard worker, creative, able to speak what's in her mind, good listener, understanding, and funny. Sometimes I annoyed at her when she's moody, came late, etc. but somehow I still love her

Hana Talita, I often called her my twin because we have same name, Hana. People sometimes mock us by called "Hana" when we both together because we will turn our head around at the same time to see who's calling. We both did not want to change our nickname, "Hana" so when people met both of us, I asked them to call me Hanabe and she's as Hanata. She and I had the same academic advisor. Hana Talita is one of the most caring in MSC, she's paying attention to little thing. She also often introduces me to new world, she's the first who introduced me to Starsbuck, Cosmogirl and many other things.

Kathy, I knew her because we are in the same group in faculty orientation. When I first met her, I knew we had a lot in common and can get along. She's brave person. I admire her because she knew what she want, what she interested and always work hard to pursue it. She told me bluntly that she dislike me when I am moody and materialistic. Thanks to her, I knew bad side of me and try to be a better person.

Vania, she's humble person. She has highest GPA among MSC members but she never boast about it. She's like to help you study if you ask her. She's optimistic, conscientious, sporty, cheerful and practical. Thanks to her, i knew another way to study and to do things in practical way. She also inspires me to be better every day. By the ways, she's also the one that I asked when it comes about love.

Ikhsan is my first guy facebook friend from psychology. He is the last pieces of MSC puzzle. He's the last one that we recruit. I like him because he always says hi to me first and call me by full name, "Hi Hana Bilqisthi". I can ask him if i want to know the popular song these days. He's reliable and funny. I don't know how but he fit well in MSC.

They are my best friends and they had accompanied me through my university life and I hope it will last forever :D
The song that describe them is thanks God I found you mariah carey

I had been dreaming and praying to found best friend that understand me since I was in kindergarten :D
and I am really glad I found them  :D I feel they are answer to my prayer :D
Alhamdulillah :D

The best thing I like about them is I can be myself when I am around them
they accept good and bad side of me
The most important lesson I got from them is no matter how imperfect and big differences that you and your best friend are and have, you still love them :D

For me, they are the best team ever when I study psychology in University of Indonesia
I hope we can be together forever

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