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The Reason Why I deactivated my Facebook account

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If you are my friends on Facebook, I bet when you search Hana Bilqisthi,  you will not find me, at least not today, and the next couple of days. The truth is I have just deactivated my account, today. Taraaaaa~

It is simply because I realized I addicted to Facebook, and it gotten worse. I often find myself spending more time on Facebook not like I intend to. Example: I am intending to spend 1/5 minutes on Facebook then without I realizing it is already half an hour pass by. Facebook has algorithms that made appearance in homepage tailored based on my interest. If I like a post from a friend,  I will find his/her post again in the near future.  So when I got to Facebook’s home newsfeed, I will find something that I like or suit me.  It is really bad because whenever I decided to leave, I find somethings that interest me then I said to myself, one more minute then stop. But do you know what? I did not stop until I got lost track of time and suddenly realized that I was wasting my time.

I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic
And I love what you do

Don’t you know that you’re toxic

I am actually realizing this habit few months ago but whenever I tried to cut my bad habit, I suddenly got messages from friends who thanked me for sharing lots of good and inspiring articles or quotes on Facebook. Because of those messages, I feel spending time on Facebook could be useful and somehow those things become justification for my bad habit. The other reason that I did not stop using Facebook because I need Facebook for my work. I often used Facebook Fanpage as references for finding data such history, name of the brand, location, etc. Recently, I’ve just realized that Facebook Fanpage is public, so I can access them without being on Facebook. That lead me to think it is okay for me to deactivated my Facebook account.

So, wish me luck guys! 

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Don't worry, you can still reach me on my number or other social media account :)
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