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Lesson Learned from Princess Hours (Goong)

Sometime ago I was watching Korean drama : Princess Hours or Goong 

I watched in 2006 for the first time, and at that time, the lesson that I got is be honest to yourself and say what you feel, if you are sad, said that you are sad, and if you are happy, say you are happy. If you do not say  what you really feel and think, sometimes people will not understand what we really feel and think.

Well, after I watched the drama again, I got some additional lesson: 
-Be Grateful. The cause of unhappiness is because we instead focus on what is missing and wondering what if situation, instead of being grateful for what we have in the present.

I learned these after I saw Yul and her mother who always wished that yul father is not dead, then Yul became crown prince and her mother became Queen, they thought they will be happy in that way and they are not happy because they are not prince and queen. They was too focused on what was missing, and did not thankful for what they have now 

-Don't be greedy. You can not get everything you want. 

I did not realize that my hands are full, while I still want another. To be able to get another, I have to let go of what is in my Hand -Min Hyo Rin

-I think I should be grateful that the man that I ever like is not a prince or artist. 
I realized it when watched a scene between Shin &  Min Hyorin. Hyo Rin complained to Shin "How could I forget you?! Do you know when I read the newspaper, watch the tv, hear radio, everything tell me about you, what are you doing, what are you wearing?" 
When I heard the Hyorin's speech, I suddenly realized that I was lucky, if my condition is similar with Hyorin, it might be more difficult to me, to forget the man that I love 

- Chae-kyeong and Yul are immature. They still often act on the basis of momentary emotion (impulsivity), they do not think about the impact of such actions for long term basis or to think several moves ahead before act. 

I learned when Yul suggest Cha-kyeong that she pronounce divorce in a national interview, or when Yul and Cha-Kyeong run from school together. 

-If your husband is not good at comforting you when you are sad, tell him how he can to do so he is able to learn to comfort you, do not seek comfort or peace to the other man. 
Shin asked Chae-kyeong "What Yul can do but I can not do?" 

It turned out to that I felt exciting when at first I thought the drama would be bored :D
alhamdulillah :D

Baca versi Indonesia, disini 
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