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On last 10 July, I attended iftar SALAM UI 16.
There are lecture by Mr. Banu (SALAM UI's Supervisors). He told the story of the Prophet Khidr and Prophet Musa, the story can be found in Q.S. Al-Kahf.

Lessons learned from the story is that knowledge is valuable in the sight of Allah. So it make sense that the pursuit of knowledge is hard. To get knowledge, a person should take pains. (ง '⌣') ง
In  Al-Kahf, Prophet Musa must travel long distances to meet with the Prophet Khidr, to learn from him.

After faced a long journey, Prophet Khidr gave a requirement to Prophet Musa that he must be able to be patient when he studied.

Unfortunately, Prophet Musa can not afford to be patient.
The other lessons: It turns out that our ignorance makes us not able to put up an event. When we learn, sometimes we face the condition where we lost patience and it happened because we do not understand the meaning of our condition. From the story of Prophet Musa & Prophet Khidr, we should be patient when deal with something because our impatience was due to lack of knowledge we have.

Hearing the lecture, made me realize that all this time, when I became impatient with my study or any condition that I faced in my life, the reason is because I don't understand. I am still lack of knowledge.
I am embarrassed that I often gave up when the situation gets more difficult.
I hope I will not be like that anymore

Yuk, Baca versi Indonesia, disini
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