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Always Good

I've always thought I'd be happy if I get what I want
But it turns out without getting what I want, I am fine and happy
Sometime ago I was thinking that marrying the man I love will make me happy and I will find my happily ever after
But it turns out that I can not marry him
I find that:
I still laugh when reading comics
I smiled at the joke that was brought up by my family and friends
I still can feel happy
At first I thought I would feel sad and cry for hours
Apparently not
I'm very grateful to God
Which makes me realize that no matter what happens, it is always good
As the Rasulullah (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) said that
How wonderful is the case of believer;
there is good for him in everything
and this applies only to a believer
If prosperity attend him, he expresses gratitude to Allah;
and that is good for him
and if adversity befalls him, he endures it patiently and that is better for him
What I need to do is always believing that God has kind intention
I just understand that recently
Because sometimes what made us sad is that we don't understand that God always gives His best to His servant

I remember the story of Umar who protest about the results Hudaibiyah agreement to the Rasulullah PBUH and Abu Bakr,  according to Umar, the agreement harms Muslims
But the Rasulullah PBUH and Abu Bakr believed that it is ordinance of God
After the Prophet died, Umar realized that Hudaibiyah agreement proved to be more detrimental to Kafr Quraysh than infidels Muslims, he regretted ever protest against the results of the agreement

I think the bad or sad moment we have in life is actually like medicine when we are sick
we have to take medication even though it was bitter, because after we take the medicine, we can be healed, healthy and strong
But sometimes we do not understand, even cry and refuse the medicine
I also believe problems exist so we learn to change our point of view for the things that initially we thought we can not pass or tackle
Whatever happens, believe it is the best
Allahu Akbar!
Yes, I think my life is always good and here I am the luckiest girl the world
Alhamdulillah ala kuli hal!

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