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Forgotten April


At noon 23rd April, only few people remember my birthday: my cousin Raissa, my niece QQ, My close friend: Kame & Nova. I confused. I usually got endless notification about birthday greeting from social media. But none said happy birthday to me on facebook, I only got two mention in twitter and one from google plus

“What’s going on here?” I ask myself “Do they busy? Do they forget the date? Do they wake up late? Do people already forget me? Do they...

What broke my heart even more is that none of MSC member has said happy birthday to me.
so I asked them in WA group “Guys, today is my birthday. Do you forget it or pretend to forget it?”

None of them answered so I suspect they pretend to forget my birthday, I mean if I really forget my friend’s birthday, I will say birthday and sorry as soon as possible when I get notified/remember.

When I go to google, the doodle is on birthday theme. I am moved.

I was like “Even google remember my birthday, why my best friend and my friends did not?”
Then I check my Facebook profile, I suddenly realized something odd. Last year, I remember facebook gave me mark “cake symbol” and sentence “your birthday is today.”
But I did not found those things on my Facebook profile.

 I suddenly realized something: I hide my birthday.  I need to fix it. I will unhide my birthday. Then I go to setting but I could not find it. I try several times and still I could not find how I unhide my birthday.
Hahahaha ...

It seemed that I have to accept the fact that for my 22nd’s birthday only few people that remember it.
But my patient only lasted until twilight, the sadness that I feel because people forget me become unbearable. I wanna cry.
For me, birthday is important moment, moment to feel thankful to be born in this world and celebrate it.

Suddenly, I remember Kak Aditya Kurniawan. He is the one who inspire me to hide my birthday on Facebook, so I told him(via WA) that I failed to follow his example because today is my birthday and I feel sad and I am still not used to with this sudden change. I also told him I tried to change to unhide my birthday on Facebook but I did not how.

He laugh, said happy birthday to me and then told me how to unhide my birthday. I should go to update profile, not went to setting.
I felt silly and stupid. How can I forget about that? O_O
But when he told me, I am on the bus on my way back to karawang from Jakarta ( I got interview test at Indian Embassy that day) and my internet connection kinda bad plus low battery.
Since I can’t bear the pain and sadness that people forget my birthday, I sent text to many WA's group that I joined in: Today is my birthday, so please said happy birthday to me.
Then I got some happy birthday greetings from my friends. I was happy again! Yeah! Alhamdulillah!

When I told Kak Adit about my solution, he laughed and said “Han, why do not you ask a friend to notified your other friends that today is your birthday?”
( O .. O )
Suddenly I felt stupid, I did not think that way. Maybe I am going to try the advice next year (Insya Allah)

Anyway I realized the good things from this year forgotten birthday:

-I got reminder that my best friend MSC is quite mischievous. They really pretend to forget my birthday since they knew I hate being forgotten. Yeah, I think it is better, I mean things it could get worse. I mean being forgotten is better than they throw flour on me or drown me onto lake. Sometimes we are happy when we pick or joke on our friends. 

-I did not have to reply tons or many birthday greeting, especially from somebody I don't really know.

-Keep positive thinking. My friend have their way to say happy birthday to me. Like my close friend Ranti, when I asked why she has not said happy birthday, she admitted that she remembered my birthday, but since she failed became the first person to say happy birthday to me, she intend to became the last person who said happy birthday to me. :’)
It is so sweet.

-Having wedding on my birthday will not be a good idea (I used to think having wedding on my birthday is good idea). I feel so sad because my birthday is forgotten, I could not image how sad I am if the wedding date is similar to my birthday and then my husband forget those.

-I realized that the disappointment that I felt is because I love this world so much. It is reminder that I should place my hope and my expectation in Allah then I will find never get disappointed.

When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside.
—  Joel Osteen

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