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The male version of me: Jiro (Wind Rises) & Handa (Barakamon)

I often get exciting feeling whenever I found out a character who has similar personality or characteristic with me, despite it is only small part of them.
Maybe it is because I usually get along easily with people who have the similar personality/ characteristic.
It is like I have found a potential friends.
yeay! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

Another reason why I feel excited maybe because whenever I can identified a character in the movie, it becomes easier for me to imagine that I am part of the adventure! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Recently, I am lucky enough to find not only one, but two! ☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノ
They are Jiro Horikoshi from Wind Rises Movie & Seishu Handa from Barakamon Anime TV Series.

I am really like those scene when Jiro lost in his thought because he was so focus in his work, and his supervisor have to call him several times until he noticed them. Well,I am often like that, too. Hihihi

I like Jiro better when He confessed his love to Naoko in front of her father.

Whoaaaa My heart skips faster. (●♡∀♡)
Jiro is really a gentleman.
Can I take you home, Jiro?

Let's move to Seishuu Handa.

I am speechless when I found Handa can be easily depressed when he found out he is not number one in calligraphy contest. He has dark aura and spent his time at the corner. I laugh really hard when I see those part.
It is eye-opening experience.
Watching Handa made me realized how my friend see me.
Whenever I did not become number one or I think my performance not meet my expectation, I become gloomy/sad/depressed, like it is end of the world.

Handa spent his entire life in calligraphy, so it become source of his self esteem. He thought when he failed in calligraphy, he has no worth/value. But he is wrong, he is more than that.

It made me realized I have similar thoughts back then. I spent my time a lot in study, so when my study failed, I thought my world has come to an end.
I am so focused in my study, I failed to see beyond that.
The world is not only about study or calligraphy, right?

How about you guys? If you were a male character in anime, who would that be?
2 komentar on "The male version of me: Jiro (Wind Rises) & Handa (Barakamon)"
  1. Aku pernah nonton Wind Rises tapi abis itu lupa hahaa. Aku nonton lgi deh.

    1. Berarti kurang berkesan ya buat loe? Gue suka wind rises karena nunjukkin perjuangan industri pesawat jepang. Ternyata mereka pernah ada di masa jadi followers. I mean skrg kalau inget jepang, inget high tech. Ternyata mesin karya jepang pernah dianggap jelek dulu :) bener ya ternyata kalau every expert was once a beginner :) nonton lagi Han :D


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