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I ♥ book


I love reading book ƪ) it made feel happy and excited. (ノ゚)Book is my best friend for a long time. When I was kid, I like to be alone in my room read books. But when I got to college, I stop reading books that I love. I only read text book for academic’s purpose because somehow I felt like I don’t have time to read books o(´^)o then I realized it is not because I don’t have time but because whenever I got spare time I did not make reading book as a priority and I did not write schedule to read book. And now, whenever I got free time I read a book and I glad I can make it. I  love the joy feeling when I succeed to finish reading book \(´`\)(/´`)/ 

One of my dreams is finding a husband that loves reading book so we both can spend a weekend reading book together in the our house library that has backyard/garden view. (´`)
After finished reading, we both discussed the book that we read :D  I think it is romantic  but when I told my close friends about may idea, they said how boring it is.. ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノhehe
Relax, I am not offended with their reaction because I realized everyone had different kind of things that can make them feel happy. For me, it is book  :D but for my friend, they like karaoke or movies. Another dream is that I’d like to have my first date with my husband in bookstore/bookfair/library.. anywhere as long as it got book in it .. hehe
(>ˆˆ)> < (ˆˆ<) 

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  1. Indeed college cut all the time to read (non-academic) books.

    Kalau ada ebook yg dipengenin lagi, dan kalau gue punya, bilang aja yaa. :)

    1. Asyik :D makasih ayu :D jadi penasaran.. loe biasa download ebook dimana? :D


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