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Dreams in High School


What is your dream when you were in high school?

Weel, my dreams when I was in high school were:
1st. I study psychology in University Of Indonesia

2nd. I found girl best friend. I found friend who really understand me and I understand about her, we share secret to each other, friend who is make me comfortable to discuss everything (but do not like gossip), friend who always stay no matter what happens, likes although we are not in the same class anymore, and friend who feels like sister to me

3rd. I found a guy who loves me and we share the same dream about marriage and life. In my last semester in university, he proposed me, he sing James Blunt-You're beautiful and then say “I love you, Hana. Will you marry me?” and I will say “Yes, I will.”

4th I will became prof. Hana Bilqisthi
5th. I write a novel
6th  become one of the audience of Oprah Winfrey Show

7th I will pay my parents to go to Meccah for Hajj

8th Having an apartement and a house (a house who has six bedrooms, backyard/garden, a library like Sinichi Kudo, a mushala)

9th become psychologist and open a clinic in Karawang
10th I will have a lot money and buy gift to all my teacher in elementary, junior high school, and high school
11th Made my parents proud of me, laugh with my brother and sister, stay connect with my big family
12th Memorize the Quran

13th being able to play guitar

14th. being able to speak japanese

15th Live Happily (ever after)

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