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Happy Ending

I like love story and My favorite love story is my parent's one. 
They met only once through their religious mentor before they decided to get married. 
My mom told me how she felt shy and blush when her eyes met my father's eyes. I consider their story is so romantic. I want to be like them, too. I want to have similar story, met then get married.

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Every story have conflict and resolution
Well they have too
Despite I love their beginning, I must admit I hate their ending, yeah they divorced.
It shook me, rock my world, and my faith.

When I heard my parent was going separate, the place I want to go the most is the past. 
Their love story is my favorite one, and I can't bear the not happy ending one: their marriage. 
I want to help them rewrite their marriage so maybe they had better ending. But I can't go back to the past, so I tried to fix the present. 
I read a lot of books and articles to learn what make the marriage strong and what went wrong. I tried to facilitate my father and my mother. But it is not easy, they heart no longer met. 
When my father willing to change, my mother did not appreciate him, and vice versa. My mother also feel hopeless.  
It is like watching two favorite persons whom I knew that love each other but choose separate instead stay together.
I mean I think they hurt because they love each other. We have high expectation to people whom we love, and feel sad, anger, hurt when they fail to.

Divorce are miserable process, heartbreaking, and it is an ending.
No one is dream being divorce when they decided to get married.
But it isn't the end of our life. 
Yeah, of course, we were hurting because the divorce, but we were too when we stay in unhappy, bad marriage.
I learned divorce can considered as happy ending too.
They stop hurting each other.
It took me a while to realize my parent divorce is a gift, a blessing in disguise.

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2 komentar on "Happy Ending"
  1. Tos bagian, my parent divorce is a gift, a blessing in disguise :)
    Yg terbaik buat mereka, dan bikin anak2nya malah lebih adem karena ngga dengerin lagi segala macem ribut2 :D

    1. Ya bener banget mba :D alhamdulillah ngga denger lagi ribut2 ortu semenjak mereka cerai :D


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