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“Is it not funny? I have issues with my father and you have issues with your mother. I do understand why you want a stay at home wife, but I am sorry I can’t.”
“But I am not your father, Can you learn to trust me?”
He has a point.  
“I am not your mother, either. Can you learn to trust me if I choose not to be a stay at home wife?”
“Hmm.” He says. I think he understands my point now.
“I love you  and I realized you are not my father, but I am still scared. “
“If I let you not become stay at home wife, will you stay?”
He’s looking at me with expectant eyes, and I know he thinks I’m going to say yes.
 “Yes, but.. “I hesitated.  “Does not it mean you will be hurt by your decision?  Are you sure? I am sad if you are sad.”
“I am fine. You stress far too much,” He whispered. “ I am happy if you are happy.”
I laugh. “Lucky you love me, then.”
“Lucky for me it goes both ways.”

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